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Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts – Increase Traffic?

How to: Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts: ProBlogger Blog Tips I'm not sure littering your blog with Google ads will do much for your traffic, but if you're going to do it try placing ads in only a few posts instead of all of them. A little thing called a loop counter in the index.php file does the trick for WordPress users. If you try this, leave a comment on this post and I'll visit your site, comment, and click on any relevant Google ads I encounter on your blog. I conduct a lot of research online and I often find ads relevant to my topic of interest. If you make a few bucks displaying the right ads – power to you. Thank Darren Rowse at ProBlogger for this one.

10 Things You Should Know about WordPress 2.0

10 Things You Should Know about WordPress 2.0

The official launch of WordPress 2.0 is upon us and the blogosphere will be buzzing about its launch. Here you’ll find 10 things you should know about 2.0 (prepared by a software developer). Enjoy!

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