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Top Grading for Small Business Owners Adding Staff

After marketing your company successfully, it grows. The following business article is for our clients in the process of adding to their staff. Our friend, Bill Boyer, contributed the article for publication here (his contact info can be found at the end of the article).


Top grading is a concept that has been used by some of the larger well-run companies (for example, GE and Allied Signal) for many years, but it is probably unknown by most smaller company CEO’s and owners.  However, it may be more important to the small company, especially at the initiation or expansion of the company, than it is for any of the major corporations.Top Grading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching, and Keeping the Right People, written by Bradford D. Smart, describes the process in detail.  Smart has been a guru of employment selection for over 35 years.  In this book, he details an extensive process for selecting employees.  This includes developing very specific performance objectives for each position, a detailed job description, and detailed interview processes.  Reference checks and background checks are critical.  In addition, he recommends giving a homework assignment to the finalists.  The goal of this assignment is to determine if the individual is a self-starter, and whether they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work for the job. Continue reading

Career Opportunity Marketing Via RSS Feeds

Are you seeking new hires for your team? Why not market your company at the same time? Edelman has developed an effective mechanism for posting their job ads while marketing their brand to bloggers and other feed fans. Their answer, RSS Feeds; pushing HR job openings to feed subscribers.

I tried using Sage feed reader and a Firefox browser to local the feed on the main “Career” page, but the feed wasn’t discovered. Note you must drill down to their listings per your selected location to access the feed (i.e., select a location, click to get the opening list, then use your feed reader to search for the RSS feed).

The link below is the original post by Steve Rubel:

Micro Persuasion: Edelman Career Opportunity Feeds

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The single most important component of marketing?

During the holiday weekend, I participated in a local Sprint Triathlon on Sunday and I also volunteered to help with the kids event on Saturday. I met dozens of people, but two people really made an impression on me. Not only did I remember their names a day after the event, I can also tell you exactly what their companies do. Why do these two people stand out?

Think about the companies you hire repeatedly and the people you refer with enthusiasm. What do they have in common? It’s likely these people love what they do and they are passionate about their product and services. They can’t wait to tell everyone they meet about their company. Any they do.

Monday morning I checked the company websites for the two people I met and I read their marketing materials. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm was totally absent in the company marketing materials and both websites had outdated and stale content. In addition, although both were involved with marketing their companies, there wasn’t any contact information for the individuals on the websites – just bland “contact us” forms delivered to the dreaded black hole email address,

Is this your company? Maintaining a consistent message across platforms and reflecting your passion for your services is a key aspect of marketing in today’s environment. You don’t control where your clients and prospects will go to learn more about you and your company – they have the power to choose. Managing multiple marketing outlets in real-time can be a challenge.

Yes, we can and we want to help you when the need arises. We truly love what we do at We have a passion for custom publishing, communications, and helping our client’s develop and manage marketing plans. We don’t hesitate to tell everyone we meet you can reach us directly by phone at 804-915-7379; and, you’ll get a personal response from an email inquiry: Greg Magnus.

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PS: Hat tip to Robert Middleton for sharing his experience with an enthusiastic condo sales rep while in Mexico.

The Demand for Quick Fixes, Something New, and Make It Creative

Our friend and fellow blogger, David Maister, has an interesting post with respect to the demand for quick fixes, something new, and creative marketing solutions. Here’s a few of my thoughts that I added to the conversation.

I think the quest for quick fixes and something new is partially due to a lack of inherent creativity in many companies. They hire marketing managers that look great on paper (i.e., MBA from an impressive school, worked with big name corporations, etc.), but they infrequently look for creative talents and hands-on experience implementing creative ideas. Companies then must fill their “creative void” using outside consultants and contractors; hence, the demand for “something creative.”

More importantly, the instant access to information and the increase in media choices has placed the “consumer” in solid control, not the marketer as in the past. Is it possible that marketing directors want a quick fix to regain control? It won’t happen, persistence still pays.

There are now more opportunities to capture business and the challenge lies in “message management” as I frequently noted in this blog. Given so many channels, marketing departments face a lot more work that requires:

  • A greater focus on operational planning,
  • Coordination of staff in multiple departments (multi-tasking skills), and
  • Better than average project management skills.

I do believe the increase in the number of marketing outlets has shortened the fuse and results can be achieved sooner, but only for those that orchestrate consistent messaging across all marketing channels. And do so persistently.

Here’s the link to David’s post: David Maister > Passion, People and Principles

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State-of-the-Art Endurance Center Grand Opening Today – Feb. 25

Endorphin Fitness hired us to help market their Grand Opening event. Given a very limited marketing budget, we recommended and ran a sensible Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing campaign for the event. The campaign included:

  • Writing and distributing press releases to local media, publishers, key contacts (or connectors), associations, and sponsors
  • Regular website updates to keep relevant content front and center; and, most importantly, consistent with all other event communications
  • Preparing compelling content for the company’s email newsletter
  • Numerous “one-up” email communications, etc.
  • Planning and marketing FREE seminars
  • Managing a part-time marketing assistant
  • Preparing several handouts and fliers
  • Although no money was spent on print or television advertising, more than 300 people attended a very successful event. If you would like more inforamtion on effective and economical WOM campaigns, please contact eoecho at your convenience. We’ll be glad to help you plan and implement a WOM campaign. Continue reading

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