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Top 10 Firefox Add-ons, Updated

We created a Top 10 Firefox Add-ons list based on the review of more than a dozen lists published by colleagues, friends, and website pros. Given the length of the content, we created a separate page for you. And, you will also find links to lists published by others for Firefox add-ons, plug-ins, and Firefox extensions. Here's the link to the full-page:

Choosing the best Firefox add-ons is becoming a personal preference given there are thousands available. Try a few of the add-ons and stick with the ones that enhance your surfing experience.

If you're not using Firefox as your web browser, you should. Most pro bloggers and website developers use it because of the enhanced features it offers. To download your free copy of Firefox go to this link.

[PLEASE NOTE: The info is published on a separate page because the content is too long for a blog post here. Please comment here if you would like to recommend an add-on of your own.]

Successful Blog Post Tips

All bloggers can benefit from this post by Paul Stamatiou, a Georgia Tech student. Nice blog, quick read, and relevant to anyone with a blog. Successful Blog Post [tags] blog post tips, blogging,, eoecho [/tags]

Are Corporate Blogs A Waste of Time for Upper Management?

Telling your boss he or she needs a blog could get you fired. A generic blog with generic comments by your CEO and/or your upper management team does not produce significant returns for the time invested. More to the point, it is likely a waste of their time. We all know it, but thousands of blogs like this exist. Why?

Corporate management has been told they need to blog to connect with customers, prospects, vendors and associates. This is good advice for CEOs and managers that are excellent bloggers with plenty of time on their hands. Slim chance you work for one of these people.

So how should corporations more effectively use a blog?

PR Blogging Machine
Add your blog as a link on your corporate website, but you don’t necessarily need to call it a blog. There is no need nor many compelling reasons to have a stand alone blog. Your blog should look and feel just like any other page on your website, except the content is now going to be fresh, relevant and informative to your target market. Use the “News” link on your website and turn that stale, outdated content into a well-oiled, PR blogging machine.

Limit the posting rights to your marketing/PR department. Publish at least 2-3 posts per week; not an overbearing workload. Write press releases and relevant industry news that includes quotes and comments from the CEO and upper management. This will minimize their time involved while maximizing their exposure both internally and externally – everybody wins.

Pros: it is easy for your IT Department to set up and little (if any) developer time is required to keep the “News” page updated. Search engines will love the fresh content and your website SEO results will improve. Also, your website visitors can comment, you can promote the site in your newsletters and marketing materials, and your customers have a compelling reason to bookmark your website.

Get Your Human Resources Department Involved
With little effort, your human resources department can post job openings on the “News” page after you convert it to a blog format. A separate HR page, or multiple pages for each job opening, can easily be included and updated by your HR Department. Consider creating an RSS feed so potential candidates can check your job openings from their desktop without the need to re-visit your website for updates.

Marketing Department Announcements
Again, with little effort you can also include an “Events” section on your “News” page once it is converted to a blog. Exhibiting at a trade show next month? Is your management team involved in any seminars, webinars, webcasts, or other marketing events? Using a blog to promote your corporate events is effective and the content improves your SEO results.

There are many ways to view blogs. When you realize blogs are software tools as much as anything else, their uses are practically endless.

PS: If you need help setting up blogging software to accomplish the recommendations above or if you have questions, contact We can give you a hand.
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Career Opportunity Marketing Via RSS Feeds

Are you seeking new hires for your team? Why not market your company at the same time? Edelman has developed an effective mechanism for posting their job ads while marketing their brand to bloggers and other feed fans. Their answer, RSS Feeds; pushing HR job openings to feed subscribers.

I tried using Sage feed reader and a Firefox browser to local the feed on the main “Career” page, but the feed wasn’t discovered. Note you must drill down to their listings per your selected location to access the feed (i.e., select a location, click to get the opening list, then use your feed reader to search for the RSS feed).

The link below is the original post by Steve Rubel:

Micro Persuasion: Edelman Career Opportunity Feeds

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Blogging Builds Social Connections

Earlier this week, I attended a local Media Trade Show and sat in on an Internet Marketing Strategies seminar. The speaker was an experienced spokesperson for wireless carriers, Nextel and Sprint. And, he has appeared on the Fox Morning Show, ABC News, CNet Live Radio, The New York Times, Industry Standard, Wired, and numerous other news programs.

Overall, he gave an interesting presentation on basic SEO concepts and marketing strategies, but when it came to blogging he appeared clueless. Although blogging is one of the better ways to build social connections for networking, he presented blogs as diaries of people expressing their innermost thoughts and mundane daily activities. He clearly didn’t do his homework before adding a brief discussion of blogs in his presentation.

Blogs are quoted on almost every news program and lead bloggers are changing the media landscape, as well as public opinion and the outcome of political elections. Not so mundane.

The economic world likewise depends on networks. General Electric, for example, is famous for moving people across organizational boundaries and for using training programs to give people from different geographies an opportunity to forge lasting social connections.
– Eric Beinhocker, The Origin of Wealth

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eoecho is in the Blog Flux Directory

eoecho was added to the Blog Flux Directory. What is Blog Flux?

Blog Flux has one goal – to be the single source for bloggers and blog readers. Be it finding new blogs, subscribing to RSS feeds, or pinging sites with blog updates, you won’t have to scurry over to multiple sites. All available on one site. Learn more about Blog Flux. You can also see our blog definition.
Blog Flux Directory

The Demand for Quick Fixes, Something New, and Make It Creative

Our friend and fellow blogger, David Maister, has an interesting post with respect to the demand for quick fixes, something new, and creative marketing solutions. Here’s a few of my thoughts that I added to the conversation.

I think the quest for quick fixes and something new is partially due to a lack of inherent creativity in many companies. They hire marketing managers that look great on paper (i.e., MBA from an impressive school, worked with big name corporations, etc.), but they infrequently look for creative talents and hands-on experience implementing creative ideas. Companies then must fill their “creative void” using outside consultants and contractors; hence, the demand for “something creative.”

More importantly, the instant access to information and the increase in media choices has placed the “consumer” in solid control, not the marketer as in the past. Is it possible that marketing directors want a quick fix to regain control? It won’t happen, persistence still pays.

There are now more opportunities to capture business and the challenge lies in “message management” as I frequently noted in this blog. Given so many channels, marketing departments face a lot more work that requires:

  • A greater focus on operational planning,
  • Coordination of staff in multiple departments (multi-tasking skills), and
  • Better than average project management skills.

I do believe the increase in the number of marketing outlets has shortened the fuse and results can be achieved sooner, but only for those that orchestrate consistent messaging across all marketing channels. And do so persistently.

Here’s the link to David’s post: David Maister > Passion, People and Principles

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Occam's Razor, KISS and Blogging

Noun: a scientific and philosophic rule that requires the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex. Better known today as the KISS principle (Keep It Simple).

Although William of Occam embraced the concept in the 14th century, scholars trace the basic premise back to ideas proposed by Aristotle. For good reason, the concept has stood the test of time. If you’re new to blogging, you’ll be well advised to follow Occam’s advice.

Blogging is experiencing logarithmic growth. As a result almost every seasoned blogger includes blogging tips, ebooks, telecasts, podcasts, or an email blast. A quick search on Google returns over 200 million results (that’s million folks) in 0.06 seconds for the term “blogging.” It’s more than enough to make your head spin. But starting your own blog or one for your company doesn’t need to be frustrating or overly time consuming.

My initial blogging experience was frustrating to say the least. I spent many hours digesting tips, ebooks, and so on. The results were dismal. But I’m persistent, I love to learn, and giving up isn’t an option. And yes, my blogging experience has changed drastically during the past year. To help others avoid the same mistakes I wrote up a brief summary of my blogging journey.

If you’re new to blogging and you would like to benefit from what I’ve learned, I’ll be glad to send you my notes. I learned long ago as a publishing entrepreneur that the most beneficial way to share information is in concise, executive summary style communications. Please let me know if you would like a copy of my blogging notes to help you get started.

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Fishing for Clarity – Revisiting Jack Trout's Comments

Give Jack Trout credit for inviting pro bloggers to participate in a roundtable discussion concerning his recent comments on word of mouth marketing (WOM). The event precipitated after Trout’s recent article slapped WOM as limited in value. The response was more “ineffective article” than support for his comments, but Trout responds with a roundtable discussion.

Did Trout provide additional evidence during the roundtable to support his article and limited faith in WOM strategies? You decide.

The podcast summary (link below) let’s you hear the players in a one-on-one, unrehearsed healthy discussion. I’m a strong believer in using WOM strategies given their effectiveness when targeted, implemented and managed correctly. However, there still appears to be significant confusion in the understanding of “purpose, approach, and results.” The clash lies in the communication gap between two merging schools of thought, but that’s another article in itself. I’ll write it up and post it here on my blog next week.

Trout does a great job painting the “big picture” landscape as seen by companies such as Coke – seasoned product, flat brand and declining sales. Let’s face it, a very small percentage of Coke’s target market is surfing blogs and casting pods. And on the surface WOM appears to be a hard sell. Are there opportunities for Coke and similar brands to implement effective WOM strategies? Listen to the podcast summary and you’ll find out how the pro bloggers responded.

The Podcast Summary: Jack Trout ends his series on word-of-mouth marketing with a roundtable discussion with Edleman’s senior marketing strategist Steve Rubel; Rick Murray, executive VP and GM of Edleman’s Diversified Services Group; and Errol Smith, founder of The Affiliate Nanocasting Network and producer of Trout Radio. You’ll find a comment from Errol Smith, a link to the podcast summary and a link to the Forbes article here.

Additional Resources: Bloggers with discussions on the topic include: Buzz Marketing and Maneuver Marketing Communique. What’s your view on the subject?

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The Bottom Line on Blogging – The Kansas City Star

The Bottom Line on Blogging – The Kansas City Star Companies find all that Web talk builds business. By DAVID HAYES at The Kansas City Star Hayes does a great job researching the topic. He includes lots of quotes from several influencial bloggers. Here's a sample from the article:

“Blogs are wonderful for helping small companies build a national footprint,” said Steve Rubel, New York City-based author of the Micro Persuasion blog and a senior vice president with marketing public relations firm Edelman.

It is an excellent article on blogging. It's rather long, but comprehensive. Thank our friends at Duct-Tape Marketing for pointing it out to us.

Blogs Merging With Websites – Imminent?

As pointed out by several marketing and communication bloggers during the past year, the trend of replacing “static” websites with "dynamic" blogs has begun. And one of the best-known ad agencies in the country is already on board. The move makes sense for several reasons, as we'll discuss below. But first, are blogs really replacing websites? The look and feel of blogs has changed significantly since their introduction. You'll notice static "web style” pages on almost every blog you visit. When taking a closer look, it becomes clear blogs are not, in essence, replacing websites. They are "merging" and the result is a full-functioning communication tool – a better mousetrap if you will. Whether you consider your blog a "tab" on your website or your website a "tab" on your blog – let's face it, aren’t they Continue reading

Word of Mouth Marketing – A Strategy

Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is a term used to describe activities that companies undertake to generate favorable publicity. People are inclined to believe word of mouth promotion because the source is preceived as credible and likely someone you know.

WOM is highly valued by marketers and it has become a managed marketing strategy with significant budgets. Successful word of mouth campaigns create buzz and there are dozens of techniques being used to engage target audiences.

The following WOM articles and research reports discuss the concept and provide background information for those interested:

Harris Interactive Inc.
Harris Interactive Inc. analyzed the effect of word-of-mouth communication and found that it strongly influences those making purchasing decisions. The survey shows Continue reading

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