AIM Custom Media offers yet another way for you to use your domain name with Online Photo Filer, an affordable, easy-to-use method for sharing photos online. Whether you're a shutterbug or an Internet amateur, Online Photo Filer is a cinch to use and best of all, your family, friends and colleagues can view your images without the hassle of logging in. 

Online Photo Filer is a photo manager that helps users store and present their images on a specialized Web site, at their own domain name.  By registering a personalized Web address with AIM Custom Web, you can give your friends and family an easy-to-remember and relevant address to view your favorite photos.  Your viewers can order wallet through poster-sized prints directly from the application and have them shipped to their door.  

The service supports single photo or bulk upload options, whereby you may add entire directories to your online collection.  Once uploaded, you can choose from a variety of editing options, all managed from the comfort of your own domain name.  Individual galleries may be password protected, kept private or shared publicly. The Photo Marketing Association International ( estimated that 20.5 million digital cameras were sold in 2005.  This drove demands for 7.7 billion digital prints; digital photography is here to stay.

You can get your own Online Photo Filer from AIM Custom Web. You can also take a look at our domain name registration and web hosting services, which are comprehensive and hard to beat when it comes to 24/7 support and excellent custom service.