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WordPress Trackbacks – Plugin for Pages

Adding static “pages” to your WordPress blog increases your blog traffic. Well written content with long-term “staying power” is the key. A good page includes topics that are always fresh; the history of a subject, resources for beginners or researchers, etc.

As pointed out on, the opportunity to include trackbacks on WordPress pages isn’t a default option. This WordPress plugin allows content creators to:

  • Send Trackbacks & pings from the Write Page & Manage Page interfaces.

You can download and install the plugin in literally minutes – it was one of the easiest plugins I ever installed.

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Minimalist WordPress Themes List

Following the old adage "less is more" can improve your website or blog. Graphic artists generally recommend as much white space as possible; hence, the creation of "Minimalist WordPress Themes."

Studies have proven that the eyes "bounce around" and visitors fatigue quickly (i.e., leave your website, blog, or ad) when there is too much to look at on any given page. Take any popular magazine and look at the ads on the back cover or inside front cover spread. You'll probably see a lot of space with little text. Be careful, some of the ads are image or branding ads, which are not used to incite action by the viewer. Include enough content to make your message concise, clear, and visually pleasing, but don't over do it. lists the best WP themes: The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

Additional info can be found at this site: Minimalistic Design at Simpl(e)y Done (also recommended reading by

For a comprehensive list of WordPress Themes, visit Emily's site: How to Blog: Comprehensive List of WordPress Themes

WordCamp for the WordPress Community is August 5

On August 5th, 2006, the WordPress community is holding a user conference called WordCamp. The idea is to bring WordPress users and developers together to meet each other face to face, share stories, and try to figure out the future of our little corner of the online publishing revolution. The conference will be a 1-day event. WordCamp in San Francisco

If you want more information, check out

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WordPress Theme, Layout and Design

Welcome! We’re always searching for ways to improve. This is a where you tell us how to improve this blog (glad to add a blog link in return for especially helpful comments).

PS: Welcome readers of Emily Robbin’s Comprehensive List of WordPress Themes. Please leave your WP theme comments here. Thanks!

Comprehensive List of Free WordPress Themes

Emily continues to do a great job updating her WordPress Themes list – it just keeps growing and growing. Again, great job Emily.

She recently contacted me and asked for an updated link to her list. And we’re glad to provide the new link, here it is: Comprehensive List of Free WordPress Themes

If you are new to WordPress and blogging, feel free to ask questions (leave a comment) and we’ll see if we can help you out. Enjoy!

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Improve Search Engine Results – Customize Your 404 Error Page

Every “how to” article on improving your search engine results (SEO – search engine optimization) includes a recommendation to customize your 404 error page. For the non-technically inclined, that’s the page your readers see when a page can’t be found. Creating a customized 404 page was on my to do list – finally got it done.

My 404 error page now includes:

  • A great image that will make you smile (it’s clean)
  • An explanation of the 404 error for my visitors, and
  • A “live listing of my blog posts” (this wasn’t easy, but what a great feature).

When I have the time I’ll clean up the formating/design. If you would like more info concerning how I did it, leave a comment and I’ll be glad to provide the details.

PS: I also created a Site Map with a customized Google site search feature. Adding a site map is always a good idea and you’ll get more hits on your site.

Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts – Increase Traffic?

How to: Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts: ProBlogger Blog Tips I'm not sure littering your blog with Google ads will do much for your traffic, but if you're going to do it try placing ads in only a few posts instead of all of them. A little thing called a loop counter in the index.php file does the trick for WordPress users. If you try this, leave a comment on this post and I'll visit your site, comment, and click on any relevant Google ads I encounter on your blog. I conduct a lot of research online and I often find ads relevant to my topic of interest. If you make a few bucks displaying the right ads – power to you. Thank Darren Rowse at ProBlogger for this one.

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