WordPress Trackbacks – Plugin for Pages

Adding static “pages” to your WordPress blog increases your blog traffic. Well written content with long-term “staying power” is the key. A good page includes topics that are always fresh; the history of a subject, resources for beginners or researchers, etc. As pointed out on Masterslate.org, the opportunity to include trackbacks on WordPress pages isn’t...

Minimalist WordPress Themes List

Following the old adage "less is more" can improve your website or blog. Graphic artists generally recommend as much white space as possible; hence, the creation of "Minimalist WordPress Themes." Studies have proven that the eyes "bounce around" and visitors fatigue quickly (i.e., leave your website, blog, or ad) when there is too much to...

Script for Printer Friendly Website Pages

Need a "printer friendly" script so your blog or website visitors can print out pages from your site? Here are a few places to find the info you are seeking: Hotscripts.com PHPrint.php Hat tip to Mike Baker for providing the info: Mike's Web Solutions: A Simple Script for Printing Website Pages

WordCamp for the WordPress Community is August 5

On August 5th, 2006, the WordPress community is holding a user conference called WordCamp. The idea is to bring WordPress users and developers together to meet each other face to face, share stories, and try to figure out the future of our little corner of the online publishing revolution. The conference will be a 1-day...

WordPress Theme, Layout and Design

Welcome! We’re always searching for ways to improve. This is a where you tell us how to improve this blog (glad to add a blog link in return for especially helpful comments). PS: Welcome readers of Emily Robbin’s Comprehensive List of WordPress Themes. Please leave your WP theme comments here. Thanks!

Comprehensive List of Free WordPress Themes

Emily continues to do a great job updating her WordPress Themes list – it just keeps growing and growing. Again, great job Emily. She recently contacted me and asked for an updated link to her list. And we’re glad to provide the new link, here it is: Comprehensive List of Free WordPress Themes If you...

Improve Search Engine Results – Customize Your 404 Error Page

Every “how to” article on improving your search engine results (SEO – search engine optimization) includes a recommendation to customize your 404 error page. For the non-technically inclined, that’s the page your readers see when a page can’t be found. Creating a customized 404 page was on my to do list – finally got it...

Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts – Increase Traffic?

Do you want to place ads in your blog posts, but not every post? A little thing called a loop counter in the index.php file does the trick for WordPress users.

10 Things You Should Know about WordPress 2.0

The official launch of WordPress 2.0 is upon us.

How To Blog: Comprehensive list of Free WordPress 1.5 Themes for download

This is an excellent list of WP themes you can ponder when setting up your WordPress site.

Great WP Plugin – IImage Gallery | skriker

This is a great little WordPress plugin for displaying an "image gallery" in your posts. Thanks skriker. I know little about php, WordPress, or much of anything else and I had it working within 30 minutes.