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Website Income – Free $25 from Auction Ads

If you are looking for income for your website, check out this offer from AuctionAds. They are offering $25 to new accounts and, in some cases, existing accounts. Here's their promo: 

AuctionAds Publishers,

We have a great way for you to promote AuctionAds and earn 5% affiliate referrals. Spread the word (use this link AuctionAds) that we are offering an instant $25.00 balance to all new publishers who sign up for AuctionAds! New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25.00 automatically.

Please note if you signed up with us previously and have never earned a payout we will bump your current balance to $25 too! Our minimum payout is also being raised to $50 but everyone who hasn’t earned a payout to date will be halfway there already! By publicizing this promotion on your blog using your affiliate link you can take advantage of receiving 5% of all revenue generated by new AA publishers you refer for a full six months. Thanks again and look for more AA news soon.

Can't beat the offer if you're interested in getting paid immediately just for signing up. We use AuctionAds to generate income for some of our client's blogs and websites. We also use Text Link Ads, which consistently generates more income than Google.

Blog Revenue Program – Auction Ads Looks Good

Yet another way to make a few bucks on your blogs and websites; this one looks like a real winner. In affiliation with Text Link Ads and eBay, Auction Ads displays current eBay auctions on your site based on keywords you select. I rec'd this promo from them this morning (click on the image to see it in full size): 

Auction Ads

Editor's Note: I displayed the ad on my AMG Mercedes-Benz | Enthusiasts blog. The ad was placed in the sidebar for a little over a week. Unfortunately, there were only four clicks and no revenue. Therefore, I removed the ad due to its poor performance. Let me know if you try it and you get better results.

2007 Marketing Wisdom Report Released

VIRGINIA, Jan. 9, 2007 – AIM Custom Media | PR News –  The 2007 Marketing Wisdom Report has been released by our friends at the MarketingSherpa. The marketing report features 110 real-life stories and tips from marketers.

Read the report to learn about improving your e-newsletters, marketing campaigns, online content, websites, and blogs. You can view and save the report by following this link: MarketingSherpa Marketing Wisdom Report – Free PDF File

Hundreds of MarketingSherpa readers contributed their stories and quotes for this fifth Annual Report. According to the MarketingSherpa, the editorial team had to winnow the stories down to the "best" submissions. There are numerous ideas and examples for your 2007 marketing campaigns.

Custom Magazines to Your Taste

Innovation is one word that describes the current state of affairs in the field of communications and publishing. I often comment on the growing power of the consumer. Their choices are becoming endless and they move in nanoseconds when content screams "this is an ad." Now more than ever, advertisers and publishers need relevant and compelling content.

I found this post on a while back; finally getting around to sharing it with you. Would you be inclined to subscribe to a publication where you influence the content? Tell us what you think about this:

Shoutblog » Customizing a magazine to your taste After signing up, users provide feedback about what their interests are using various sliders. idio then matches the contents of the magazine to suit your taste. The whole magazine is served via Flash, and, from the looks of it, seems to be pretty slick. On the bottom of the interface are various pages, which are marked different colors based on if you’ve read the contents of each page or not. They also let you rate each article, which can possible allow them to adaptively change your preferences based on your ratings.

MarketingSherpa's Annual Email Study – Results Available

VIRGINIA, Dec. 1 – | PR News – If you haven't read any of MarketinSherpa's reports, here's a good one for you. Who is the MarketingSherpa?

MarketingSherpa is a research firm that publishes practical information for professional marketers. They are not a consulting firm, an ad agency, nor a market research firm available for hire. They are a business research company that just happens to focus on the marketing profession – and in my humble opinion they are very good at it.

The following excerpt provides details concerning the report and links to the executive summary: 


Sherpa's Annual Email Study Results: 3,637 Marketers Reveal Best Email Tests + New Eyetracking Heatmap

SUMMARY: Wow. 3,637 MarketingSherpa readers participated in November's email study, which makes it the world's biggest study of what works in email (and what doesn't). Many thanks to everyone who helped out.

Here's the Executive Summary of results we promised you, including:

– Best and worst email tests based on ROI
– Eyetracking study of an ecommerce email
– What B-to-B marketers need to know about filters
– How many of you are budgeting for mobile marketing

Plus, happily surprising data from you about the increasing value of your email programs: Executive Summary PDF
(Open access)

Exhibitor's Journal

We're wrapping up the design and launch of a new blog for one of our clients. The blog, Exhibitor's Journal, includes comprehensive, unbiased, and relevant content geared toward trade shows and presentations (i.e., trade show budgeting, exhibit hardware tips, popups, display lighting, interior graphics, laminating, presentations, etc.).

The blog is managed by trade show and presentation expert Peter Winters. He is the owner of a Richmond Virginia-based design, trade show fabrication, and graphic interiors company. Peter has worked with us here at and clients such as CarMax, Circuit City, UPS, Philip Morris, and Anthem; as well as many medium and small businesses located throughout the country.  

We're still working on the blog and already others have discovered value in the blog's content: 

Talk It Up! First, a great blog is over at Exhibitors Journal. If you're looking for more down-and-dirty trade show practica (lighting, budget, etc.), this blog has a wealth of information for research and for daily reading. If you are responsible for your company's trade show presence, this is a must-read!

Thanks for our first plug Heidi! Her blog, Talk It Up!, provides trade show and public-speaking secrets from the perspective of a professional trade show presenter, Heidi Miller. She is a corporate spokesperson who gives in-booth presentations at trade shows, user conferences and on video for clients around the world. The content on her blog is also excellent and a great resource for those presenting at trade shows. provided the blog design and programming services for Exhibitor's Journal. Let us know what you think. 

Exhibitor's Journal

State of the Web Survey Results

What web technologies will be used in 2007? What resources do web developers use to stay current with industry developments?

This past summer, Ektron and SitePoint completed a survey of 5,000 web developers. The survey results were released in a report entitled The State of Web Development 2006/2007. A free 25-page preview report is available from

There are several informative charts in the report. One that caught my eye provided the results to this question, “What resource(s) do you use to keep your skills sharp
and your knowledge timely?”

Sitepoint Survey Graph

Although articles and books ranked highest, social networking tools such as blogs and forums out ranked magazines. As more and more people turn to the web for information the acceptance of social networks as reliable resources will continue to outpace traditional media channels. Marketing managers are wise to take note of this trend and include Web 2.0 channels in their 2007 marketing plans.

For additional information, visit for their post that discusses the report with respect to web development trends and the use of Ajax and Flash.

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Ajax Defined – What is it and where to find more info

Yes, Ajax is a household product your Mom used to clean the sink. But in the Web 2.0 world, Ajax stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.” The term does not represent a technology itself. It is the combination of technologies that enhance the usability, speed, and interactivity of web pages.

Ajax represents a fundamental shift in the methods used by programmers to deliver web applications.

What does Ajax do?
In layman’s terms, Ajax uses the power of the “client” computer (your computer) to quickly provide all types of data. Using Ajax techniques allows small amounts of data to be delivered to your computer without the need for a full page refresh, which requires more resources and takes longer. Common uses include updating or deleting records, expanding web forms, simple search queries, and retrieving text. and Google Maps are two of a seemingly endless number of sites now using Ajax techniques.

Additional Resources

Ajax: a new approach to web applications
Feb. 2005: The term “Ajax” was coined by Jesse James Garner of Adaptive Path. The link above takes you to his site where you will find a comprehensive description of Ajax.

Ajax Tutorial – this site provides an extensive collection of Ajax info for the tech savvy.

Ajax on Wiki – exhaustive definition, history, and additional Ajax resources (tech heavy).

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Photo Sharing Sites Reviewed

If Zooomr, Photobucket, Flickr, or Shutterfly mean anything to you, check out Read/Write’s review of photo sharing space (link provided below). Written by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus, this faceoff review compares features and discusses a few of the pros and cons for each service. It is a great read for anyone just starting their quest for a photo sharing space on the web.

For my photo sharing I use Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo. It is one of the most popular sites, offers loads of features, and it isn’t that hard to set up. The reveiw authors at Read/Write believe Flickr can be difficult for the non-techie to set up; I disagree, it was pretty easy to get it up and running.

Here’s the link to the full review by Alex and Richard:
The Web Photo Sharing Site Faceoff

PS: Make sure you read the comments to the review, there are a few things they forgot while compiling their review.

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