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2008 Marketing Trends Survey

After listening to a teleseminar this afternoon – "Search Marketing Trends and Tactics" – it appears the obvious has been confirmed by marketing research; budgets for online SEO and related online marketing tactics will continue to increase. The data for the teleseminar was gathered from:

  • Surveys of 2,475 Search Engine Marketers and 711 SEM Agency Pros
  • Partnered Research
  • Lab Tests
  • In-depth Interviews with Survey Respondents
  • “Best of” Data from 500+ Research Orgs.

2008 Marketing Trends SurveyThe most interesting slide in the presentation shows the marketing pros perceived ROI for different marketing tactics. As the graphic on the right shows, house email marketing campaigns scored highest (click on the image to the right for full-size view).

Email is considered the strongest marketing tactic when compared to marketing tools such as SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (paid search marketing), public relations, direct mail, etc. 

Even though the proliferation of SPAM is reaching an all time high, email remains one of your best, and most cost-effective, tools when marketing directly to your existing customers and your extended target market.

There are several ways to effectively reach your target market online: email newsletters, PR campaigns using social networks, a blog with email capabilities, etc. As a former owner of multiple publishing companies, I have worked on marketing campaigns within a variety of industries. Each industry has unique characteristics and often it is best to collaborate with specialists to plan and implement effective strategies.

If you need help managing a proactive online marketing strategy, feel free to contact us for a free telephone consultation. Enhancing your ability to communicate with your target market can start today with a phone call (804-915-7379). Whatever questions you have – no strings attached.

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Catalog Choice Stop the Mail

Catalog Choice is a new not-for-profit operation that lets you opt out of unsolicited mailings on a catalog-by-catalog basis. Visit the website and let them know which catalogs you do or don't want. The company will contact the advertisers sending out the catalogs for you.

This is a great method to improve target marketing for advertisers and a great way for you to save a few trees – not to mention landfill space. Visit Catalog Choice here.

Hat's off to Tech Crunch for spreading the word. 

Skype to Charge For Calls in 2007

VIRGINIA, Dec. 13 – | PR News –  Beginning next month, SkypeOut calls (computer to non-PC phones) will no longer be free. The company announced today that they would start to charge an annual fee, but calls from PC to PC will still be free.


Unlimited calling costs just $29.95 per year. You'll receive the discounted rate of $14.95 if you purchase a plan before January 31, 2007. Users can pay 2.1 cents per minute without a plan. Don Albert, Skype’s general manager for North America, told The New York Times, “We see a willingness by consumers to make SkypeOut calls that are well priced.”

SkypeOut calls were free. Given VOIP companies such as Vonage charge about $25 per month, Skype will remain the best deal on the net. 

Hat tip to for alerting us to the change in Skype's service. 

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