AMG Driving Academy by Greg Magnus, MBCA Star magazine article | July 2009
By Greg Magnus, published in MBCA’s Star magazine, (PDF)

AMG Mercedes-Benz – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow | July/Aug. 2007
By Greg Magnus, published in MBCA’s Star magazine; large PDF file

Are Corporate Blogs a Waste of Time for Upper Management?
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
Telling your boss he or she needs a blog could get you fired. A generic blog with generic comments by your CEO and/or your upper management team does not produce significant returns for the time invested. More to the point, it is likely a waste of their time. We all know it, but thousands of blogs like this exist. Why?

Are You Game for the Track Less Traveled?
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
Crude hits an all time high and the price of gas is rising faster than the fumes escaping from my open fuel cap. Editors rush to publish gas saving tips, “save a penny here, save a penny there.” You’ve heard the tune. Check the tire pressure, accelerate slowly, tune-up the car, and take the junk out of the trunk And they go on. There is a contrarian view. Over inflate the tires, put extra stuff in the trunk (helmet, tools, driving gloves), check the suspension and the brakes, and pray the nut holding the steering wheel doesn’t lose it going into the turns. Soon I’ll be hitting the track with a full tank of over-priced premium. It’s flat out pedal to the metal on my next acceleration run. Just thinking about it makes my heart race. My arm twitches as if the stick shift for a dogleg five speed is inches away from my office chair.

Are Blogs Replacing Websites? There are Benefits and Challenges
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media (2006)
During the past year, the trend of replacing static websites with dynamic blogs has begun. And one of the best-known ad agencies in the country is already on board. The move makes sense for several reasons, as we’ll discuss. But first, are blogs really replacing websites?

Health and Fitness: It’s Not About the Fork
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
You come across it everywhere. It pops up, streams across your inbox, and bellows out of your TV set in bite size nuggets. Everyone has an answer. But when it comes to your health and fitness, what’s the “right” answer? Where do you find the recipe for a healthy, fit, and fulfilling life? [March 14, 2006 08:43:05 am]

Networking Strategy: Just Say No to Business Cards
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
People spend far too much time fussing over their business cards. One-sided or two, picture or no picture, what format, and the list goes on. The fact is most business cards are thrown away and you need a better strategy to get what you really want for your time – new clients. Here’s a simple strategy to increase sales and maximize your networking ROI. [March 14, 2006 05:54:08 pm]

Why Are Fitness Professionals So Obsessed With Target Heart Rates?
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
Why are fitness professionals so obsessed with target heart rates? Do they just want to sell you a heart rate monitor? You’ll often read that your target heart rate goal should be from 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate when you exercise. Are there benefits when you exercise in this range?

Staying Motivated – Fitness
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
It’s no secret. The biggest challenge for you and I is finding the motivation to begin an exercise program or continue one recently started. Together, how can we inspire each other to make fitness a priority everyday? Our health is so important. Let’s get started. First, we’ll both need to…

Newsletter Tips: Content is King, Types of Email Newsletters
By Greg Magnus, AIM Custom Media
Does it sound like a foreign language? It’s not and we really don’t need to know all that much. But going over a few basic email formats is important so we’ll start here.

Other Website Related Projects
By | Greg Magnus

AMG Market | Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts
Website, Video site, PR News, CMS, Blog, etc.

AMG Mercedes-Benz | Enthusiasts (blog)

Hunter Investigations, LLC
Small business website created to meet the needs of our client that launched a new business venture. This is an example of a successful site created on a limited budget. Client subsequently hired to create a website for SafePassage Adolescent Services, which is a division of Hunter Investigations, LLC.

Is your family life chaotic? Is your teenager verbally abusive? Has your son or daughter turned to drugs, alcohol or sex for answers? Does the answer lie in residential treatment, wilderness therapy or therapeutic boarding school, but you know your out-of-control teenager will not make the trip with you? SafePassage Adolescent Services can help.

Fitness – Health (blog)

Music Lyrics (Squidoo Lens)

Pro-Bono Projects

Central Virginia MBCA (basic web page for local club)