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Month: January 2008

Top Grading for Small Business Owners Adding Staff

After marketing your company successfully, it grows. The following business article is for our clients in the process of adding to their staff. Our friend, Bill Boyer, contributed the article for publication here (his contact info can be found at the end of the article).


Top grading is a concept that has been used by some of the larger well-run companies (for example, GE and Allied Signal) for many years, but it is probably unknown by most smaller company CEO’s and owners.  However, it may be more important to the small company, especially at the initiation or expansion of the company, than it is for any of the major corporations.Top Grading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching, and Keeping the Right People, written by Bradford D. Smart, describes the process in detail.  Smart has been a guru of employment selection for over 35 years.  In this book, he details an extensive process for selecting employees.  This includes developing very specific performance objectives for each position, a detailed job description, and detailed interview processes.  Reference checks and background checks are critical.  In addition, he recommends giving a homework assignment to the finalists.  The goal of this assignment is to determine if the individual is a self-starter, and whether they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work for the job. Continue reading

Tutorial for Enhancing Local Search Results SEO

This article covers simple online marketing strategies you can use to improve your ranking for local search results (SEO). So, how do you let everyone know you're in town?

Local Search Marketing Strategies and SEO Tips

Before you start bidding on keywords and throw money at PPC (pay per click) marketing, consider using simple "organic SEO" online marketing strategies to improve your local SEO results. Whether your revenue comes from business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), increasing your local search ranking will benefit your business.

First and foremost, create an SEO friendly website. The first step you can take to improve your local – as well as your overall search engine results – is make sure your website is search engine friendly. Make it easy for search engines to identify your business location and your keywords by following this short-list of SEO tips for local search:

  • Prominently display your business name and address as text on both the top of the page and in the footer. In the header, it helps if you use an "H1" tag that includes your address. Avoid placing your address and keywords in image files given they can be hidden from the search engines. Also, it is difficult for your site visitors to capture your address and phone number for future reference when it is embedded in an image. Continue reading

Why Companies Are Moving Marketing Online The Emerging Trends

The amount of research supporting the effectiveness of online marketing is staggering yet many business owners are still unconvinced or just inadequately informed. If you are seriously looking for reasons to justify spending marketing dollars online, here are a few facts and trends to ponder:

Although most marketers allocate minuscule amounts of their budgets to their email efforts, the channel continues to deliver substantial returns on every dollar spent. According to the Direct Marketing Association, marketers spent $500 million on email in 2007 to capture an astronomical $23 billion in sales – yes, $23 billion in sales; that's not a typo.

The DMA forecasts:

  • During 2008 marketers will spend $600 million on email to drive $27 billion in sales; and
  • Email delivered $48.56 in sales for every dollar spent in 2007. A substantial return is also predicted for 2008; $45.65 for every dollar spent. More from the DMA is available here.)

The results are in. The success of online marketing is supported by reliable research reports and marketing pros have taken notice. In McKinsey's July 2007 global survey of marketers, more respondents used email than any other form of digital advertising. Some people still don't understand the value but those that do are moving online across the spectrum of marketing activities, from building awareness to after-sales service. They see online tools as an important and effective component of their marketing strategies

McKinsey survey of marketing executives reports that: Continue reading

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