eoecho.com | Sample MyStickies pageHave you ever wanted to add a sticky note to a web page? A reminder why you wanted to revisit the page or something you wanted to do with the info on the page? Thanks to one of the best Firefox add-ons available, now you can. 

MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper that look like sticky notes anywhere you feel like on the web. Along with the ability to put sticky notes on web pages MyStickies gives you the power to browse, search, sort, and edit your sticky notes from any computer. You can also create stand-alone pages of sticky notes. Goodbye to bookmarks and the old pen and paper!

Here's an excerpt from the MyStickies site:

MyStickies is like bookmarks on steroids. While bookmarks store the title of a webpage and its link, they do little to help you find what was important about the page and why exactly you chose to mark it. MyStickies solves this problem by giving you the power to mark up the page the way you like, and a tool to find notes easily and efficiently.

I'll definitely add this Firefox add-on to my "Top 10 Firefox Add-ons" page as soon as I get the chance. Enjoy!