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Month: January 2007

Sticky Notes for the Web, Awesome Firefox Plugin | Sample MyStickies pageHave you ever wanted to add a sticky note to a web page? A reminder why you wanted to revisit the page or something you wanted to do with the info on the page? Thanks to one of the best Firefox add-ons available, now you can. 

MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper that look like sticky notes anywhere you feel like on the web. Along with the ability to put sticky notes on web pages MyStickies gives you the power to browse, search, sort, and edit your sticky notes from any computer. You can also create stand-alone pages of sticky notes. Goodbye to bookmarks and the old pen and paper!

Here's an excerpt from the MyStickies site:

MyStickies is like bookmarks on steroids. While bookmarks store the title of a webpage and its link, they do little to help you find what was important about the page and why exactly you chose to mark it. MyStickies solves this problem by giving you the power to mark up the page the way you like, and a tool to find notes easily and efficiently.

I'll definitely add this Firefox add-on to my "Top 10 Firefox Add-ons" page as soon as I get the chance. Enjoy! 

Job Boards Reviewed – Take this job and list it

Looking for a tech job or are you interested in providing a listing service for those seeking a new job? Pop on over to TechCrunch, they have an excellent review of the current state of affairs for job boards such as SimplyHired and job a matic.


CLOs for Small- and Mid-sized Organizations

When Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Magazine was launched in August of 2002, the members of the Editorial Advisory Board represented the following companies: Cisco Systems, Delta Airlines, The Home Depot, IBM, International Data Corp., Marriott International, Oracle and Toyota.  You've probably heard of them.

The make-up of the Advisory Board companies made me wonder what of the experiences of CLOs for these large companies was being shared and implemented in companies that were much smaller.  Those in the role of CEO, COO, CFO and often CIO at large organizations have a counterpart in most small and mid-sized businesses.  The CLO, though, is someone typically found only in the largest of the large. 

I cringe because small- and mid-sized businesses can greatly benefit from having someone to instill a true learning culture early-on.  Through the earlier stages of growth a culture is more pliable and technology is more reasonable.  Compensation structures can be tweaked to be more effective at rewarding the right behaviors and learning tools and methodology that supports those behaviors can be tested and refined.

Small- and mid-sized organizations can quickly capitalize on the fact that 75-80% of the information that employees need to do their job comes from their network (i.e. asking someone a question) and on-the-job experiences (i.e. intranet, Google, searchable eLearning, podcasts, etc.).  The remaining 20-25% is comprised of workshops, manuals, seminars, etc. and what are often the go-to vehicles for large training departments.

Knowing this and structuring learning and development around it while still nimble creates a strategic advantage that will pay dividends throughout the lifecycle of the organization.  Appoint someone, internal or external, part-time or full-time, CLO or any other title, to oversee the learning and development in your organization and to ensure that it provides employees with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to further you along your strategic plan.  And keep in mind that this is rarely accomplished through the modes of traditional training.  Having this mindset early will help as processes, systems and culture are refined and matured.

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons, Updated

We created a Top 10 Firefox Add-ons list based on the review of more than a dozen lists published by colleagues, friends, and website pros. Given the length of the content, we created a separate page for you. And, you will also find links to lists published by others for Firefox add-ons, plug-ins, and Firefox extensions. Here's the link to the full-page:

Choosing the best Firefox add-ons is becoming a personal preference given there are thousands available. Try a few of the add-ons and stick with the ones that enhance your surfing experience.

If you're not using Firefox as your web browser, you should. Most pro bloggers and website developers use it because of the enhanced features it offers. To download your free copy of Firefox go to this link.

[PLEASE NOTE: The info is published on a separate page because the content is too long for a blog post here. Please comment here if you would like to recommend an add-on of your own.]

Free Computer Classes Online at HP Learning Center

Mention Hewlett-Packard (HP) and we think of printers. Yes, HP sells office equipment. To increase their sales, and brand awareness, they now offer free computer classes online through the "HP Learning Center."

The HP classes are open to anyone interested in signing up. You can choose from a variety of subjects and software programs. Here's a sample list of the classes offered:

Software & Technology

  • Macromedia® Flash MX: beginning web animation
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003: introduction
  • Adobe® Illustrator CS: introduction
  • Building your first web page
  • CorelDRAW® 12: introduction
  • Microsoft® Access, Excel, Publisher, and Windows XP
  • Project management made simple, etc.

IT Professionals

  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003: building your solution
  • Managing your data center
  • Network attached storage basics
  • Firewall basics
  • Linux® 101, etc.

Business Skills

  • Search engines 101: using search engines to market your business
  • Digital photography and your business
  • Run your own direct mail campaign
  • Data disaster recovery: a practical guide, etc.

In-house Marketing

  • Adobe® Acrobat®: creating PDFs  CLASS FULL!
  • CorelDRAW® 12: introduction
  • Microsoft® Publisher 2003: advanced
  • Adobe® Illustrator CS: introduction
  • Design your own business documents
  • Digital photography and your business, etc.

Real Estate

  • Real estate marketing made easy
  • Connecting to the world with your Pocket PC
  • Microsoft® Excel® 2003, advanced part 2: charts and graphics
  • Digital photography and your business- Run your own direct mail campaign

The price is right and we can always benefit by enhancing our skills. Additional details are available by visiting HP's Free Online Computer Classes. If you have experience taking a computer class through the HP Learning Center, please let us know by leaving your comments. Thanks!

2007 Marketing Wisdom Report Released

VIRGINIA, Jan. 9, 2007 – AIM Custom Media | PR News –  The 2007 Marketing Wisdom Report has been released by our friends at the MarketingSherpa. The marketing report features 110 real-life stories and tips from marketers.

Read the report to learn about improving your e-newsletters, marketing campaigns, online content, websites, and blogs. You can view and save the report by following this link: MarketingSherpa Marketing Wisdom Report – Free PDF File

Hundreds of MarketingSherpa readers contributed their stories and quotes for this fifth Annual Report. According to the MarketingSherpa, the editorial team had to winnow the stories down to the "best" submissions. There are numerous ideas and examples for your 2007 marketing campaigns.

Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make

If your using PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to boost your web traffic and sales, check out Igor's post over at his BizMord Search and Marketing Blog. His recommendations are specific and will increase your ROI in many cases:

17 Most Common PPC Mistakes Web Marketers Make–BizMord Search and Marketing Blog
As I manage quite a few PPC campaigns I always notice the silly and sometimes not so silly mistakes that advertisers make with their PPC programs. Mistakes when creating PPC ads, click fraud detection, and lack of testing are just a few of them. Fixing each of these mistakes could mean an extra 70% of revenue or a savings of thousands of dollars every month.

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