For those interested, I posted the 2007 fitness trend predictions on my fitness-health blog. If you're a fitness professional looking for ways to increase your business by taking advantage of these trends feel free to contact me directly. I'm providing a limited number of marketing plan strategy reviews for readers of my fitness-health blog.

I attended a business development workshop in DC earlier this week hosted by Shipley Associates, leaders in the field. I'm also a Capture Planning/Bus Dev and Proposal Consultant for Shipley. One of the themes concerning the process of linking your service solutions (i.e., customer benefits) to understanding customer issues was, "Don't guess – ask!" We're glad to help so call us or send us your questions (complementary plan reviews are on a first come first serve basis).

Most of my client's in the fitness arena have completed their 2007 marketing plans. If you would like an unbiased review of your draft let me know. My contact info is here.