Innovation is one word that describes the current state of affairs in the field of communications and publishing. I often comment on the growing power of the consumer. Their choices are becoming endless and they move in nanoseconds when content screams "this is an ad." Now more than ever, advertisers and publishers need relevant and compelling content.

I found this post on a while back; finally getting around to sharing it with you. Would you be inclined to subscribe to a publication where you influence the content? Tell us what you think about this:

Shoutblog » Customizing a magazine to your taste After signing up, users provide feedback about what their interests are using various sliders. idio then matches the contents of the magazine to suit your taste. The whole magazine is served via Flash, and, from the looks of it, seems to be pretty slick. On the bottom of the interface are various pages, which are marked different colors based on if you’ve read the contents of each page or not. They also let you rate each article, which can possible allow them to adaptively change your preferences based on your ratings.