One more, come on you can do it! The latest twist to the iPod is iTrain, which has already received a lot of press. Other than a really annoying website, the service appears to be a sound innovation. You download exercise workouts prepared by certified personal trainers, go to the gym (or wherever) then hit play. 

Sounds like a solid idea, but I wonder if charging for the service will last long. Others will likely provide the workouts for free and include a few content related ads. Personally, I don't think you can replace the value of a personal trainer with an MP3. But if it works for you that's all that matters. 

From a marketing standpoint there are hundreds of new ways to use portable MP3 players. It's not just music anymore. Are you using your iPod or similar device in an innovative way? If so, let us know.

Hat tip to The Final Sprint for alerting us to this story. Here's an excerpt from their post:

A new addition to the iPod craze has spawned – the iTrain, it allows users to download personalized workout information straight to their MP3 player. Workout choices include: iTrain, iClimb, iTread, iCycle, and iStrength, for other options visit their website. A yearly workout package runs for $49.99, a monthly for $9.99, or if you’d like, get a sampler for under $1.00 per workout.