We're wrapping up the design and launch of a new blog for one of our clients. The blog, Exhibitor's Journal, includes comprehensive, unbiased, and relevant content geared toward trade shows and presentations (i.e., trade show budgeting, exhibit hardware tips, popups, display lighting, interior graphics, laminating, presentations, etc.).

The blog is managed by trade show and presentation expert Peter Winters. He is the owner of a Richmond Virginia-based design, trade show fabrication, and graphic interiors company. Peter has worked with us here at eoecho.com and clients such as CarMax, Circuit City, UPS, Philip Morris, and Anthem; as well as many medium and small businesses located throughout the country.  

We're still working on the blog and already others have discovered value in the blog's content: 

Talk It Up! First, a great blog is over at Exhibitors Journal. If you're looking for more down-and-dirty trade show practica (lighting, budget, etc.), this blog has a wealth of information for research and for daily reading. If you are responsible for your company's trade show presence, this is a must-read!

Thanks for our first plug Heidi! Her blog, Talk It Up!, provides trade show and public-speaking secrets from the perspective of a professional trade show presenter, Heidi Miller. She is a corporate spokesperson who gives in-booth presentations at trade shows, user conferences and on video for clients around the world. The content on her blog is also excellent and a great resource for those presenting at trade shows.

eoecho.com provided the blog design and programming services for Exhibitor's Journal. Let us know what you think. 

Exhibitor's Journal