VIRGINIA, | PR News (Oct. 12): The use of PR to improve search engine optimization (SEO) is off the charts according to a recent survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa, Inc. The marketing strategy known as SEO PR – adding hotlinked press releases to search engine news feeds – is not only popular, it works.

PR departments that effectively use press releases are seeing measurable results; however, integration of the PR and Marketing departments coupled with active blogs on company websites may be the key to success. Why?

Historically, the marketing and PR departments are two different animals when using online channels. Marketing is focused on keywords in both the title of the release and the body text, this is not always the case for the PR team when they create the press release.

In addition, to improve SEO results, the marketing department would like to see multiple versions of the same press release launched online. Different people are searching for the same information using different keywords. To attract a larger audience, more than one version is required. More work for the PR staff – not a popular request.

Bloggers are one of the first to pick up PR news, which enhances the number of news services that cover your release. Bloggers are playing a major role with respect to press release distribution. An active company blog with relevant content will improve your marketing exposure.

The “PR” and “Marketing” departments must communicate and cooperate to maximize your return. “This is still an unexplored opportunity for most companies.”, said Anne Holland, President of MarketingSherpa, Inc. during today’s telephone presentation (titled “Top 5 Search Marketing Opportunities for 2007: Real-life data from 3,944 Marketers” (Thursday, October 12). Holland also stated, “The ROI for low-cost press releases is very high and there are numerous studies to prove it.”

There is much work to be done to intergrate corporate websites and blogs with the PR and Marketing departments. Companies that do are able to significantly improve their SEO results and their bottom-line.

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