What web technologies will be used in 2007? What resources do web developers use to stay current with industry developments?

This past summer, Ektron and SitePoint completed a survey of 5,000 web developers. The survey results were released in a report entitled The State of Web Development 2006/2007. A free 25-page preview report is available from Sitepoint.com.

There are several informative charts in the report. One that caught my eye provided the results to this question, “What resource(s) do you use to keep your skills sharp
and your knowledge timely?”

Sitepoint Survey Graph

Although articles and books ranked highest, social networking tools such as blogs and forums out ranked magazines. As more and more people turn to the web for information the acceptance of social networks as reliable resources will continue to outpace traditional media channels. Marketing managers are wise to take note of this trend and include Web 2.0 channels in their 2007 marketing plans.

For additional information, visit ReadWriteWeb.com for their post that discusses the Sitepoint.com report with respect to web development trends and the use of Ajax and Flash.

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