SitePoint has released a detailed 17-minute video tutorial titled, “An Introduction to AJAX.” Produced by SitePoint Technical Director Kevin Yank, the tutorial discusses the origins of AJAX and provides real world AJAX examples.An Introduction to AJAX

“What’s AJAX, really?” you ask.
You’ve come to the right place.

The video is professionally produced, very informative for those new to AJAX, and well worth your time. SitePoint published a series of video tutorials, three of which are free including the AJAX intro above.

SitePoint has also produced a comprehensive report called The State Of Web Development 2006/2007, based on the web developer survey they ran earlier in the year. The complete report can be purchased or you can just download the free preview of the report, which contains numerous graphs produced from the survey data.

eoecho briefly discussed the “The State of Web Development” report earlier this month in this post.

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