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WordPress Trackbacks – Plugin for Pages

Adding static “pages” to your WordPress blog increases your blog traffic. Well written content with long-term “staying power” is the key. A good page includes topics that are always fresh; the history of a subject, resources for beginners or researchers, etc.

As pointed out on, the opportunity to include trackbacks on WordPress pages isn’t a default option. This WordPress plugin allows content creators to:

  • Send Trackbacks & pings from the Write Page & Manage Page interfaces.

You can download and install the plugin in literally minutes – it was one of the easiest plugins I ever installed.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback and write-up. I was really surprised to see that this hadn’t already been done before, especially since it’s such a basic feature. Considering I wrote it last night at about 5am, I don’t know if there are any bugs, but my brief testing didn’t turn any up. Let me know if you find anything.

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