Whether you refer to it as Web 2.0 or second generation Internet, the collaboration and sharing of information in new ways is rapidly changing our world. Several trends have emerged and new trends are rapidly emerging:

Web Applicaitons
The enhanced user-experience afforded by Ajax coupled with the growth of high-speed Internet connections has prompted the development of web sites that mimic tried and true PC applications, such as MS Office (i.e., word processing, spreadsheets, and slide-show presentations). A few examples available now include:

Social Networking
It goes without saying that social networking is one of the hottest trends on the Internet today and new sites are being created daily. Examples of popular sites include:

Mashups are services that combine content from several sources and, subsequently, present the combined information in a unique manner. With respect to Mashups, almost anything goes: Video (Virtual Videomap), real estate (Turlia) and Google Maps are all used as Mashups in one way or another (numerous examples can be found). A popular blog dedicated to mashups is Mashable.com

Additional Trends to Watch

  • Internet Television (IP TV)
  • Mobile Content, Advertising and Gaming
  • User Generated Content (already leading the growth of the top Internet brands)
  • Public Wifi (entire cities open to wireless access, 24/7 access no matter where you are)

More Info
There is an excellent interview series on Read/WriteWeb about venture capitalists (VCs) and their thoughts on ‘next generation web’. Their aim is to find out what Web technology trends and products VCs are tracking and provide tips/advice for Web developers and entrepreneurs. Read the post at: VCs on Web Technology: Judy Gibbons from Accel

ExtremeTech.com: Can Zoho’s Web 2.0 Office Beat Microsoft?

ProgrammableWeb.com: 100 Shopping Mashups

Nielsen/NetRatings tracks Internet trends:
Nielsen/NetRatings Top 10 Social Networking Sites Chart

What trends are you encountering? Comment below.

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