If you’re addicted to Outlook and you like free plug-ins, take a look at the release of Attensa’s version 2.0 for Outlook. The plug-in is a secure RSS reader designed for business users. It tracks and monitors your reading habits, then adjusts the presentation of business info from websites and blogs automatically. The plug-in also gives you the ability to play audio and video files inside Outlook.

Last week we discussed hypertargeting and the shift in power from the “advertiser” to the customer. This development in RSS reading technology once again shifts power; this time from the “publisher” to the consumer. Everyday the consumer, whether consuming content or ads, is gaining more and more power to choose.

To reach your target audience in 2007, you must understand this shift in power and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. The importance of relevant and compelling content in your communications can not be overstressed.

Hat tip to TechCrunch.com for alerting us to Attensa’s developments (read their post).

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