If Zooomr, Photobucket, Flickr, or Shutterfly mean anything to you, check out Read/Write’s review of photo sharing space (link provided below). Written by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus, this faceoff review compares features and discusses a few of the pros and cons for each service. It is a great read for anyone just starting their quest for a photo sharing space on the web.

For my photo sharing I use Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo. It is one of the most popular sites, offers loads of features, and it isn’t that hard to set up. The reveiw authors at Read/Write believe Flickr can be difficult for the non-techie to set up; I disagree, it was pretty easy to get it up and running.

Here’s the link to the full review by Alex and Richard:
The Web Photo Sharing Site Faceoff

PS: Make sure you read the comments to the review, there are a few things they forgot while compiling their review.

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