Unless you’re a YouTube junkie you probably never heard of OK Go, but the Chicago rock band has made history. The band’s ultra-low-budget video clip, “A Million Ways,” is currently the most-downloaded music video of all time – over 9 million downloads.

What affect does this have on business? Social networking sites such as YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others are drastically changing the landscape for marketing pros.

You might want to re-think that 2007 marketing plan if it doesn’t include social networking and marketing channels such as blogs.

The number of blogs, as recorded by Technorati, is doubling every six months (see graph and more details). Serving up a static website to your prospects and clients is like handing them last month’s newspaper; thanks, but I’d prefer today’s news. And, they’ll get it. Will you?

Here’s the record video by OK Go:


This Advertising Age article is a Q&A session with the band OK Go:
Advertising Age – Digital – YouTube Success Rockets Band to Fame

This is a direct link to OK Go’s video, “A Million Ways” on YouTube.

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