Last week I listened in on a webinar hosted by MarketTools (sponsored by Zoomerang). The topic, “Consumer Led Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Online Content and Communities for Breakthrough Ideas.” The MarketTools presentation included far too much “self-promo” for my tastes, but the background info was informative nonetheless.

The graph below showing the growth of blogs tracked by Technorati was one of the presentation slides. If you’re still sitting on the sidelines wondering if a blog is right for your company, consider why the number of blogs keeps growing at such a rapid pace:

  1. Effective means of presenting your ideas to your existing clients
  2. Ability to inform your prospects that you are an expert in your field
  3. Increased search engine results (SEO) for your websites linked to your blog
  4. Effective means of obtaining honest, straightforward feedback from your clients
  5. Publishing platform for your articles, press releases, and industry trends
  6. The list goes on

Growth of Blogs - Technorati

(Click on the graph for a larger view)

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