The rapid growth of Internet Social Networks races on. Although the method of tallying the traffic count may be dubious, Windows Live ( is now ranked the 10th largest property on the web by Alexa. is king of the hill, followed by and Google, respectively.

Our blogging friends at Read / Write Web have posted additional info on the story for those interested: Windows Live – Alexa Top 10

Alexa Site Information – Alexa has built a large database of information about sites that includes statistics, related links, etc. The information can be found on Alexa’s Site Overview pages, Traffic Detail pages and Related Links pages. To access the info, type the URL of any site into the Alexa Search box.

Internet Social Networks – Most consider the first social networking website to be, which was launched in 1995. Other sites soon followed, including (1997), Epinions’ circle of trust, and several European equivalents.

Websites using the Circle of Friends concept started appearing in 2001 and by the following year virtual communities became all the rage with the advent of Friendster. There are now hundreds of social networking sites on the Internet. Last year, MySpace was getting more page views than Google.

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