(Updated February 2007) Our Top 10 Firefox Add-ons list is based on a review of more than a dozen lists published by colleagues, friends, and website pros. Given the length of the content, we created a stand-alone page and included the Firefox add-on, plug-in, and extension lists used as references. Here's the link:

Choosing the best Firefox add-ons has become a personal preference given there are thousands available. Try a few and stick with the ones that enhance your surfing experience, save you time with repeated tasks, and don't require a lot of maintenance.

Most pro bloggers and website developers use Firefox because of the enhanced features and benefits it offers. To download Firefox – it's free and easy to install – go to this link.

[NOTE: We published the list on a separate page because the content is too long for a post here. Recommend an add-on of your own by leaving a comment, thanks!]

Hat tip to  Read/Write Web for inspiring us to create a Top 10 Firefox Add-on List. It's fun looking at all of the possibilities.