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Social Networking Sites and Links – Red Hot Technology

If you’re not in a social network join one now. All for good reason. Millions are using social networks to reach out and grow their businesses. And, the technology is catching up with the needs and demands of business professionals both large and small.

Neilsen NetRatings reports their findings of the phenomenal growth in one of their recent press releases. Social networking is red hot and continued growth is on the horizon.

Consider the following examples of social networking sites:

Neilsen isn’t the only one talking, Researcher Gartner Inc. identified the technologies it believes will have the greatest impact on businesses over the next 10 years, hot areas include social-network analysis.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is rated as high impact (definition: enables new ways of performing vertical applications that will result in significantly increased revenue or cost savings for an enterprise) and capable of reaching maturity in less than two years. SNA is the use of information and knowledge from many people and their personal networks. It involves collecting massive amounts of data from multiple sources, analyzing the data to identify relationships and mining it for new information. Gartner said that SNA can successfully impact a business by being used to identify target markets, create successful project teams and serendipitously identify unvoiced conclusions.

Which social networks are you involved with for business?

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  1. Nice article, Greg. I’ll have to take a look at the Gartner Research. You might also look at openBC. They have a strong US presence and a huge International presence. The link is an invite from me and gives you a month of premium access for free. Thanks Again -Ethan

  2. Ethan,

    Thanks for the tip and I appreciated the one month of premium service at no cost. I’ll take a look at the openBC site as you suggested.

    FYI: My current preference is using free sites for at least a 6-12 months to determine if the network produces results. A one month free offer doesn’t excit me all that much. It takes more than a month to work the network to determine if it is a viable resource for new business.

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