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Create PDF Files Easily – Fast and FREE Site

Great little site if you need to make PDF files and you don’t have specific software for this purpose.

PDF Online : Create PDF. Simply upload the document you want to convert to PDF

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Are Corporate Blogs A Waste of Time for Upper Management?

Telling your boss he or she needs a blog could get you fired. A generic blog with generic comments by your CEO and/or your upper management team does not produce significant returns for the time invested. More to the point, it is likely a waste of their time. We all know it, but thousands of blogs like this exist. Why?

Corporate management has been told they need to blog to connect with customers, prospects, vendors and associates. This is good advice for CEOs and managers that are excellent bloggers with plenty of time on their hands. Slim chance you work for one of these people.

So how should corporations more effectively use a blog?

PR Blogging Machine
Add your blog as a link on your corporate website, but you don’t necessarily need to call it a blog. There is no need nor many compelling reasons to have a stand alone blog. Your blog should look and feel just like any other page on your website, except the content is now going to be fresh, relevant and informative to your target market. Use the “News” link on your website and turn that stale, outdated content into a well-oiled, PR blogging machine.

Limit the posting rights to your marketing/PR department. Publish at least 2-3 posts per week; not an overbearing workload. Write press releases and relevant industry news that includes quotes and comments from the CEO and upper management. This will minimize their time involved while maximizing their exposure both internally and externally – everybody wins.

Pros: it is easy for your IT Department to set up and little (if any) developer time is required to keep the “News” page updated. Search engines will love the fresh content and your website SEO results will improve. Also, your website visitors can comment, you can promote the site in your newsletters and marketing materials, and your customers have a compelling reason to bookmark your website.

Get Your Human Resources Department Involved
With little effort, your human resources department can post job openings on the “News” page after you convert it to a blog format. A separate HR page, or multiple pages for each job opening, can easily be included and updated by your HR Department. Consider creating an RSS feed so potential candidates can check your job openings from their desktop without the need to re-visit your website for updates.

Marketing Department Announcements
Again, with little effort you can also include an “Events” section on your “News” page once it is converted to a blog. Exhibiting at a trade show next month? Is your management team involved in any seminars, webinars, webcasts, or other marketing events? Using a blog to promote your corporate events is effective and the content improves your SEO results.

There are many ways to view blogs. When you realize blogs are software tools as much as anything else, their uses are practically endless.

PS: If you need help setting up blogging software to accomplish the recommendations above or if you have questions, contact We can give you a hand.
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Social Networking Sites and Links – Red Hot Technology

If you’re not in a social network join one now. All for good reason. Millions are using social networks to reach out and grow their businesses. And, the technology is catching up with the needs and demands of business professionals both large and small.

Neilsen NetRatings reports their findings of the phenomenal growth in one of their recent press releases. Social networking is red hot and continued growth is on the horizon.

Consider the following examples of social networking sites:

Neilsen isn’t the only one talking, Researcher Gartner Inc. identified the technologies it believes will have the greatest impact on businesses over the next 10 years, hot areas include social-network analysis.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is rated as high impact (definition: enables new ways of performing vertical applications that will result in significantly increased revenue or cost savings for an enterprise) and capable of reaching maturity in less than two years. SNA is the use of information and knowledge from many people and their personal networks. It involves collecting massive amounts of data from multiple sources, analyzing the data to identify relationships and mining it for new information. Gartner said that SNA can successfully impact a business by being used to identify target markets, create successful project teams and serendipitously identify unvoiced conclusions.

Which social networks are you involved with for business?

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Unicorn Whale – Function of 8-foot Tooth Solved

Function of “Unicorn” Whale’s 8-foot Tooth Discovered
Harvard School of Dental Medicine researcher Martin Nweeia, DMD, DDS, has answered a marine science question that has eluded the scientific community for hundreds of years: why does the narwhal, or “unicorn,” whale have an 8-foot-long tooth emerging from its head, and what is its function?

I needed a break today, so I though you might enjoy something different. And yes, the unicorn whale is real. The research was funded by Harvard School of Dental Medicine; the National Geographic Society; Sunstar Butler; the Smithsonian Institution Center for Arctic Studies; Astro-Med, Inc.; and Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.

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Ways to Immediately Increase Search Engine Traffic – SEO Tips

Nick Wilson provides an excellent discussion on increasing your SEO results. Also, he provided this “bonus tip” list of his favorite SEO blogs, which is:

Nick’s full post on SEO tips: 3 Ways to Immediately Increase Search Engine Traffic

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User-Generated Content Drives Fastest Growing Web Brands

Nielsen NetRatings has released their findings on the top 10 fastest growing web brands. Leading are several “user-generated content” sites; MySpace is the fastest growing while the Google brand maintains double digit growth.

The following is an excerpt from their press release (link to the full content press release is provided below):

NEW YORK– August 10, 2006– Nielsen//NetRatings, a global leader in Internet media and market research, announced today that user-generated content sites, platforms for photo sharing, video sharing and blogging, comprised five out of the top 10 fastest growing Web brands in July 2006.

Image hosting site ImageShack ranked No. 4 among July’s fastest growing Web brands, increasing 233 percent, from a unique audience of 2.3 million to 7.7 million (see Table 1)., a video sharing site, took the No. 5 spot, increasing 213 percent, from 965,000 to 3.0 million unique visitors. Photo sharing site Flickr followed at No. 6, growing 201 percent from 2.1 million to 6.3 million unique visitors.

Other user-generated content sites that made it into the top 10 fastest growing Web brands were MySpace, with a 183 percent year-over-year increase, and Wikipedia, with a 181 percent year-over-year increase.

“User-generated content sites have seen significant growth over the past year, owing in large part to their reliance on viral marketing,” said Jon Gibs, director of media analytics, Nielsen//NetRatings.”

Nielsen NetRatings PR – August 10, 2006

Hat-tip to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion for pointing out the link to us.

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Career Opportunity Marketing Via RSS Feeds

Are you seeking new hires for your team? Why not market your company at the same time? Edelman has developed an effective mechanism for posting their job ads while marketing their brand to bloggers and other feed fans. Their answer, RSS Feeds; pushing HR job openings to feed subscribers.

I tried using Sage feed reader and a Firefox browser to local the feed on the main “Career” page, but the feed wasn’t discovered. Note you must drill down to their listings per your selected location to access the feed (i.e., select a location, click to get the opening list, then use your feed reader to search for the RSS feed).

The link below is the original post by Steve Rubel:

Micro Persuasion: Edelman Career Opportunity Feeds

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Blogging Builds Social Connections

Earlier this week, I attended a local Media Trade Show and sat in on an Internet Marketing Strategies seminar. The speaker was an experienced spokesperson for wireless carriers, Nextel and Sprint. And, he has appeared on the Fox Morning Show, ABC News, CNet Live Radio, The New York Times, Industry Standard, Wired, and numerous other news programs.

Overall, he gave an interesting presentation on basic SEO concepts and marketing strategies, but when it came to blogging he appeared clueless. Although blogging is one of the better ways to build social connections for networking, he presented blogs as diaries of people expressing their innermost thoughts and mundane daily activities. He clearly didn’t do his homework before adding a brief discussion of blogs in his presentation.

Blogs are quoted on almost every news program and lead bloggers are changing the media landscape, as well as public opinion and the outcome of political elections. Not so mundane.

The economic world likewise depends on networks. General Electric, for example, is famous for moving people across organizational boundaries and for using training programs to give people from different geographies an opportunity to forge lasting social connections.
– Eric Beinhocker, The Origin of Wealth

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Website First Aid Center – Good For More Than Minor Emergencies

I recently received a WebMD newsletter, which informed me of the company’s new content related to first aid solutions for minor medical emergencies. The content is timeless, useful to anyone in the world, and requires little updating.

I don’t know if the webmaster’s goal was to generate repeat traffic for the site, but it should do the trick.

For any major emergency, call 911.

Here’s the link: First Aid Center by WebMD

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How to improve CTR on Google AdSense – Remove MFA Sites

This is a great Google AdSense tip I found to improve your site revenue.

Remove MFA Sites From Google AdSense
MFA stands for Made for adsense sites. A lot of these sites are buying low cost keywords in adwords. Likely, some of these ads appear on your sites if you use Google AdSense. These type of advertisers usually pay very little per click ($0.01 to $0.05 per click). The idea is to eliminate these advertisers – low revenue for you – from showing on your site.
Here’s where I found the tip:

And, here is the original source (How to details):

Increase Blog Traffic With Related Posts Plugin – WordPress

Related Posts WordPress Plugin

Like most WordPress plugins, this one is easy to install. Just upload the plugin to your blog and follow the simple instructions. What does the Related Posts plugin do?

The related posts plugin automatically adds internal links to your blog posts. The plugin searches your content for keywords and creates the links for you.

Internal Links Increase Blog Traffic

  • Increases your pageviews and the amount of time visitors spend on your blog
  • Increase your ad exposure to blog visitors (increase ad revenue for your blog)
  • Internal links improve your search engine rankings

More info on why you should use internal links can be found here.
Hat-tip to Yaro Starak at Small Business Branding blog for alerting us to this great plugin.

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Setting up email and auto response software

After an extensive review of available email software products, I purchased AWeber for email marketing. I’m in the process of setting it up and would like to see examples of its use.

If you are using it, please leave a comment below with a link to your site. Thanks!

PS: Here are a few promo links from the software provider if you don’t already use AWeber software and email marketing:

08/03/06 – Blog: What Do Subscribers Expect from You?

08/01/06 – Blog: Stumped Trying to Write Follow Up Messages?

07/28/06 – Blog: Post Purchase Customer Follow Up

07/26/06 – Blog: HTML without plain text mistakes…

07/25/06 – Blog: Open Rates by List Size

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