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How to improve CTR on Google AdSense – Remove MFA Sites

This is a great Google AdSense tip I found to improve your site revenue.

Remove MFA Sites From Google AdSense
MFA stands for Made for adsense sites. A lot of these sites are buying low cost keywords in adwords. Likely, some of these ads appear on your sites if you use Google AdSense. These type of advertisers usually pay very little per click ($0.01 to $0.05 per click). The idea is to eliminate these advertisers – low revenue for you – from showing on your site.
Here’s where I found the tip:

And, here is the original source (How to details):


  1. I used your tip and filtered all made for adsense websites and saw a significant increase in my revenue, so then I looked around a bit and found some great optimization tips in this adsense guide and have again had great results. So thank you for the tip and making me realise simple optimization can work wonders for increasing my website’s revenue. Cheers.

  2. Wendy,

    Thanks for the tip! I visited the site and it is helpful.

  3. Interesting tip! AdSense is great, but lately I’ve been making more with Chitika. In fact, over the last year I compiled some statistics of my earnings and I actually earned twice as much with Chitika compared to AdSense. For those of you curious about Chitika, check out this Chitika review for more info and some cool screenshots.

  4. great tips, i like it thank you

  5. Nice Idea…. Anther thing that I feel is that,

    * Showing Less Ads Help in boosting the Cost per Click
    * Using Well formed keywords can make Show up of Costly Ads which generate more revenue.
    * The less ads you show on your Page… the more costly ads are shown ie. the ad-space goes to the highest Bidder.

    Debajyoti Das

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