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Top 10 Firefox Add-ons

(Updated February 2007) Our Top 10 Firefox Add-ons list is based on a review of more than a dozen lists published by colleagues, friends, and website pros. Given the length of the content, we created a stand-alone page and included the Firefox add-on, plug-in, and extension lists used as references. Here's the link:

Choosing the best Firefox add-ons has become a personal preference given there are thousands available. Try a few and stick with the ones that enhance your surfing experience, save you time with repeated tasks, and don't require a lot of maintenance.

Most pro bloggers and website developers use Firefox because of the enhanced features and benefits it offers. To download Firefox – it's free and easy to install – go to this link.

[NOTE: We published the list on a separate page because the content is too long for a post here. Recommend an add-on of your own by leaving a comment, thanks!]

Hat tip to  Read/Write Web for inspiring us to create a Top 10 Firefox Add-on List. It's fun looking at all of the possibilities. 

Minimalist WordPress Themes List

Following the old adage "less is more" can improve your website or blog. Graphic artists generally recommend as much white space as possible; hence, the creation of "Minimalist WordPress Themes."

Studies have proven that the eyes "bounce around" and visitors fatigue quickly (i.e., leave your website, blog, or ad) when there is too much to look at on any given page. Take any popular magazine and look at the ads on the back cover or inside front cover spread. You'll probably see a lot of space with little text. Be careful, some of the ads are image or branding ads, which are not used to incite action by the viewer. Include enough content to make your message concise, clear, and visually pleasing, but don't over do it. lists the best WP themes: The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

Additional info can be found at this site: Minimalistic Design at Simpl(e)y Done (also recommended reading by

For a comprehensive list of WordPress Themes, visit Emily's site: How to Blog: Comprehensive List of WordPress Themes

Adsense Alternatives – A Comprehensive List

Tired of making pennies from the Google Empire? There are viable alternatives. I found a comprehensive list of alternatives to Adsense at Technophilia (great job):

Technophilia: Adsense Alternatives

I'm looking for alternatives for my AMG Mercedes-Benz | Enthusiasts Blog. Leave a comment if you have any experience with the listed programs and I'll check out their use on your blog. Thanks!

Primer on Social Network Analysis

What is Social Network Analysis? A social network is a map of the relationships between individuals, the analysis involves a study of these relationships.

How do you do a Social Network Analysis?

Although the following post isn’t new, it gives a good overview of Network Analysis for those interested:

Anecdote: A quick primer on Social Network Analysis

If you have an article or post related to Social Networking, please leave a comment with the link to your blog or article. Thanks.

Airfare Predictions, When to Buy Airline Tickets – Farecast

So I’m about to purchase airfare, but wonder if I should wait for a last minute deal or not? According to I should wait because the prices are predicted to go down by $50 during the next few weeks.

Great site for the business traveler and others looking to book airline tickets: Airfare Predictions –

Another hat tip goes out to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion for finding the site.

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Successful Blog Post Tips

All bloggers can benefit from this post by Paul Stamatiou, a Georgia Tech student. Nice blog, quick read, and relevant to anyone with a blog. Successful Blog Post [tags] blog post tips, blogging,, eoecho [/tags]

Wink 2.0 to Launch – Peoples Choice Search Results

Wink is a search engine that provides relevant search results found and ranked by other people. Wink offers machine-powered search from Google and applies Wink’s PeopleRank ™ technology to deliver sites that people think are the best for your search.

To find what information real people care about right now, Wink analyzes tags and submissions from Digg, Furl, Slashdot, Yahoo MyWeb, and other services, plus user-imported tags from, and favorites marked at Wink; subsequently, it figures out which pages are most relevant through their TagRank ™ algorithms.

Hat tip to TechCrunch for telling us about Wink 2.0.

[tags] Wink 2.0, social networking, search results, peoples choice,, eoecho [/tags]

Crazy Egg Launched – Powerful New Blog Tool Tracks Visitors

Ever wonder what your website visitors are doing on your site? Where they click and how frequently? Now you can find out thanks to the release of Crazyegg is a new free tool that lets you analyse where visitors on your website click. The site features several tracking tools including a "Heat Map" overlay for your site. You bet this is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the layout and navigation on any website. They released a "free" service; however, a more robust tool can be purchased for a nominal fee. The site is well laided out (I'm sure they tested it) and the programming is top notch. I already created an account to track my AMG Mercedes-Benz Blog. Crazy Egg – Website Crazy Egg – Blog My guess is this service is here to stay and it will do well quickly. [tags], visitor tracking, blog tools,, eoecho [/tags]

Windows Live Now in Alexa Top 10

The rapid growth of Internet Social Networks races on. Although the method of tallying the traffic count may be dubious, Windows Live ( is now ranked the 10th largest property on the web by Alexa. is king of the hill, followed by and Google, respectively.

Our blogging friends at Read / Write Web have posted additional info on the story for those interested: Windows Live – Alexa Top 10

Alexa Site Information – Alexa has built a large database of information about sites that includes statistics, related links, etc. The information can be found on Alexa’s Site Overview pages, Traffic Detail pages and Related Links pages. To access the info, type the URL of any site into the Alexa Search box.

Internet Social Networks – Most consider the first social networking website to be, which was launched in 1995. Other sites soon followed, including (1997), Epinions’ circle of trust, and several European equivalents.

Websites using the Circle of Friends concept started appearing in 2001 and by the following year virtual communities became all the rage with the advent of Friendster. There are now hundreds of social networking sites on the Internet. Last year, MySpace was getting more page views than Google.

[tags] social networks, social networking,, Alexa Top 10,, eoecho, [/tags]

Sharing Files – Services Compared

Sharing files with others is an everyday occurrence. Most people shuffle files via email, but there are other options.

TechCrunch does an outstanding job reviewing the concept and four file sharing services. Check it out at:

Techcrunch » Let’s Share Some Files

[tags] file sharing, techcrunch,, eoecho [/tags]

2006-08-25 Links

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Script for Printer Friendly Website Pages

Need a "printer friendly" script so your blog or website visitors can print out pages from your site? Here are a few places to find the info you are seeking:

Hat tip to Mike Baker for providing the info: Mike's Web Solutions: A Simple Script for Printing Website Pages

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