During the holiday weekend, I participated in a local Sprint Triathlon on Sunday and I also volunteered to help with the kids event on Saturday. I met dozens of people, but two people really made an impression on me. Not only did I remember their names a day after the event, I can also tell you exactly what their companies do. Why do these two people stand out?

Think about the companies you hire repeatedly and the people you refer with enthusiasm. What do they have in common? It’s likely these people love what they do and they are passionate about their product and services. They can’t wait to tell everyone they meet about their company. Any they do.

Monday morning I checked the company websites for the two people I met and I read their marketing materials. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm was totally absent in the company marketing materials and both websites had outdated and stale content. In addition, although both were involved with marketing their companies, there wasn’t any contact information for the individuals on the websites – just bland “contact us” forms delivered to the dreaded black hole email address, info@companyname.com.

Is this your company? Maintaining a consistent message across platforms and reflecting your passion for your services is a key aspect of marketing in today’s environment. You don’t control where your clients and prospects will go to learn more about you and your company – they have the power to choose. Managing multiple marketing outlets in real-time can be a challenge.

Yes, we can and we want to help you when the need arises. We truly love what we do at eoecho.com. We have a passion for custom publishing, communications, and helping our client’s develop and manage marketing plans. We don’t hesitate to tell everyone we meet you can reach us directly by phone at 804-915-7379; and, you’ll get a personal response from an email inquiry: Greg Magnus.

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PS: Hat tip to Robert Middleton for sharing his experience with an enthusiastic condo sales rep while in Mexico.