Our friend and fellow blogger, David Maister, has an interesting post with respect to the demand for quick fixes, something new, and creative marketing solutions. Here’s a few of my thoughts that I added to the conversation.

I think the quest for quick fixes and something new is partially due to a lack of inherent creativity in many companies. They hire marketing managers that look great on paper (i.e., MBA from an impressive school, worked with big name corporations, etc.), but they infrequently look for creative talents and hands-on experience implementing creative ideas. Companies then must fill their “creative void” using outside consultants and contractors; hence, the demand for “something creative.”

More importantly, the instant access to information and the increase in media choices has placed the “consumer” in solid control, not the marketer as in the past. Is it possible that marketing directors want a quick fix to regain control? It won’t happen, persistence still pays.

There are now more opportunities to capture business and the challenge lies in “message management” as I frequently noted in this blog. Given so many channels, marketing departments face a lot more work that requires:

  • A greater focus on operational planning,
  • Coordination of staff in multiple departments (multi-tasking skills), and
  • Better than average project management skills.

I do believe the increase in the number of marketing outlets has shortened the fuse and results can be achieved sooner, but only for those that orchestrate consistent messaging across all marketing channels. And do so persistently.

Here’s the link to David’s post: David Maister > Passion, People and Principles

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