Clients are more frequently interested in the integration of their offline marketing materials (print ads, brochures, handouts, presentations, TV ads, etc.) with online marketing opportunities (email, e-newsletters, websites, blogs, etc.). For good reason:

  • Consumers are using the web in mass numbers,
  • Print materials almost always drive traffic to the web, and
  • Inconsistent messaging across channels results in the loss of business.

Keeping up with real-time integration across marketing channels is challenging marketing departments. Marketing directors know “its not about the media, its the message that matters.” And, the landscape has changed.
Technology has shifted control from the “marketer” to the “consumer.” They have more choices and they are exposed to multiple media. If you message isn’t consistent, your sending mixed signals.

How do large companies use multiple media outlets to spread their message? Here’s an article for your perusal: Integrated Marketing leads Mercedes resurgence.

General Observations This Week
With the proliferation of WOM (word of mouth) marketing techniques, offline/online marketing integration, practically unlimited PR opportunities, and endless requests for corporate communications; channels are overlapping more now than ever. All three have unique aspects and orchestrating consistent content across multiple channels is getting harder and harder to manage on a real-time basis. Is your marketing department keeping up with the demands?

Companies are now eager to contract outside project managers, communication consultants, and publishing consultants to provide that much needed helping hand – the benefits far exceed the costs of adding permanent staff.

Within the past month, I’ve heard a few corporate managers comment on their “competitors” magazine – custom publications used to promote a company, communicate with customers (retention initiatives), and promote the services of non-competing vendors. The next statement is always, “we should do that.” Well, why not?

Custom publications work and they practically pay for themselves when managed by experienced publishers. Their effectiveness is reflected in the growth of custom publishing, which is now a $45 billion industry growing by 15 percent per year. A Roper study commissioned by the Custom Publishing Council concluded that,

Consumers would rather learn about a company from a custom magazine than an ad.

If you need help integrating your marketing or if you are interested in developing a custom magazine, please give me a call: 804-915-7379. In case I forgot to tell you, that’s what I do for a living.

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