Whether its a local restaurant review, a professional service, or this week’s weather forecast, everyone now turns to the Internet and it’s use has long since exceeded critical mass (see Pew Internet Project, Who’s Online for stats). For business owners and associations, a dynamic online marketing presence is no longer an option – it’s mandatory.

So, how do you manage your online and offline marketing initiatives? Is your webmaster still in your IT department, but spends most of his or her time editing text and basic html code related to marketing? Does your marketing content flow seamlessly from your printed materials onto your website and into your email communications or is it more of an after thought with long time delays?

Online marketing expenditures are growing as fast as the use of the Internet itself and many online budgets now equal or exceed offline initiatives. Marketing managers are spending a significant amount of time managing WOM related marketing tasks, although few have developed a comprehensive strategy, let alone a management plan that includes the company’s webmaster.

Online and offline marketing components need to be interlaced – shared goals, resources, agendas, and content; however, few actually are. Take a quick look at your marketing and website management plans for 2006. Should they be merged into one comprehensive plan?

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