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Blog Traffic Tactics – Autoresponders

Go to almost any popular blog and you’ll find an offer to receive more info: e-books, newsletters, white-papers, podcasts, and other creative marketing media. So, what do they all have in common?

They drive traffic and build relationships with your target-audience. I won’t go into the strategies or list all of the benefits since numerous blogs already do, but I did notice a large majority of the best blogs I frequent all use the same delivery, or autoresponder software. So I had to check out why?

It looked good and it was inexpensive, and there weren’t any annoying monthly fees.So I purchased the software.

A side note: if you use email delivery software such as Constant Contact, you should at least take a look at switching. You’ll likely better results. I switched and I’m glad I did.

To learn more about autoresponders, go to the source – the company that developed the software. You can test-drive one of their demos.

Repeat exposure is a proven advertising method. You need to be in front of your client or prospect when the need arises. The use of “autoresponders” is a good way to stay in front of your target audience; it also helps you improve readership numbers and builds stronger relationships with your clients.

I’m producing a series of brief articles on custom publishing (one of the services I offer to my clients). We’ll see how it goes.

Are you using autoresponders? Is it working? If so, please leave a comment so I can visit your blog and check out your offers. Thanks!

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  1. Rik

    AWeber is definitely the way to go as far as I’m concerned. Had a bad experience with a free service I was using. They crashed their servers during maintenance and I lost all my accounts. There must have been several others you lost theirs too. I moved to AWeber and haven’t had a problem since. Easy to use, reliable and cheap for the service you get. A must have quite frankly!

  2. Greg Magnus

    Can’t agree more Rik, thanks for the comment. Also, I like your site. Lots of useful info.

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