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Month: March 2006 (page 2 of 2)

Is Google Buying Sun Microsystems?

The Global Perspective Daniel Harrison at Global Perspective seems to think he has clues the deal is in the works.

The Verdict: Is Article Marketing Worth Your Time?

The Verdict: Is Article Marketing Worth Your Time? » Entrepreneur’s Journey – by Yaro Starak I published a few articles on and always wondered if it is worth the time? Yaro did an excellent job reviewing the process of article publishing on Ezine. If you're considering this method of marketing your website or blog, I recommend reading Yaro's post. Click on the EzineArticles logo in my sidebar (to the right of the posts on my main page) to view the articles I submitted in the past. TAGS: Publishing, social networking, word of mouth, eoecho

AMA Web Seminar – Using Technology to Manage Your Marketing Projects

First a brief note on web seminars: Free seminars on almost any marketing topic are now common on the web. Use them to hone your skills and stay abreast of new marketing and management strategies. Who benefits?

  • Independent marketing pros
  • Marketing managers with small firms, and
  • Business owners with limited training budgets (they’re free professional development tools).
  • Project Management Software for the Marketing Dept.
    Marketing managers are required to plan, implement, manage, and measure multiple concurrent projects, usually with limited to non-existent capital budgets. The use of PM software is a wise investment if you expect to maximize your marketing department ROI.

    Finding the right PM software for your operations can be a daunting challenge. Do you need customized software for your marketing department? Shouldn’t the PM software you use for your IT department be just as effective for tracking marketing projects? After all, a project is a project isn’t it? Unfortunately, large enterprise software systems generally don’t work well for the marketing department. Continue reading

    Word of Mouth Marketing – A Strategy

    Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is a term used to describe activities that companies undertake to generate favorable publicity. People are inclined to believe word of mouth promotion because the source is preceived as credible and likely someone you know.

    WOM is highly valued by marketers and it has become a managed marketing strategy with significant budgets. Successful word of mouth campaigns create buzz and there are dozens of techniques being used to engage target audiences.

    The following WOM articles and research reports discuss the concept and provide background information for those interested:

    Harris Interactive Inc.
    Harris Interactive Inc. analyzed the effect of word-of-mouth communication and found that it strongly influences those making purchasing decisions. The survey shows Continue reading

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