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Improve Search Engine Results – Customize Your 404 Error Page

Every “how to” article on improving your search engine results (SEO – search engine optimization) includes a recommendation to customize your 404 error page. For the non-technically inclined, that’s the page your readers see when a page can’t be found. Creating a customized 404 page was on my to do list – finally got it done.

My 404 error page now includes:

  • A great image that will make you smile (it’s clean)
  • An explanation of the 404 error for my visitors, and
  • A “live listing of my blog posts” (this wasn’t easy, but what a great feature).

When I have the time I’ll clean up the formating/design. If you would like more info concerning how I did it, leave a comment and I’ll be glad to provide the details.

PS: I also created a Site Map with a customized Google site search feature. Adding a site map is always a good idea and you’ll get more hits on your site.


  1. Looks great. Add a pic – I’m told people tend to stay longer if you give them a smiling face.

    I’ll read more about your software when I get the chance. Thanks again for stopping by.

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