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Institute for Public Relations

Institute for Public Relations Measuring the results of your marketing and PR efforts is always recommended. Most large corporations use one or several of the various tools available to [tag]track results[/tag] and provide marcom executives with dashboard metrics. For those looking for an overview of the various measurement tools, we recommend visiting The Institute of Public Relations "Measurement and Evaluation" page. It includes several excellent articles. [tags]Public Relations, Dashboard, Marketing [/tags]

The Bottom Line on Blogging – The Kansas City Star

The Bottom Line on Blogging – The Kansas City Star Companies find all that Web talk builds business. By DAVID HAYES at The Kansas City Star Hayes does a great job researching the topic. He includes lots of quotes from several influencial bloggers. Here's a sample from the article:

“Blogs are wonderful for helping small companies build a national footprint,” said Steve Rubel, New York City-based author of the Micro Persuasion blog and a senior vice president with marketing public relations firm Edelman.

It is an excellent article on blogging. It's rather long, but comprehensive. Thank our friends at Duct-Tape Marketing for pointing it out to us.

The Social Customer Manifesto Podcast – AMA Hot Topic Series Review

The AMA Hot Topic Series – The Social Customer Manifesto Podcast The American Marketing Association's Hot Topic series – Feb. 15, 2006 – included discussions on: podcasting, video blogging, word of mouth marketing (WOM), RSS, interactive social networking, etc. Christopher Carfi and Leif Chastaine review this AMA Hot Topic series, give an update on the state of the blogosphere via Jupiter Research, Pew, and Technorati, and shine a light on "Charter Street," the new blog from Paul McNamara and Greg Olsen. Note: The podcast is 38 minutes – huge file to download, but worth it if you have a high-speed connection. 

Is Jack Trout at All He's Cracked Up To Be?

Is Word Of Mouth All It's Cracked Up To Be? – With more than 40 years of advertising and marketing experience, Jack Trout still doesn't appear to get it. He states in his recent article,

I certainly would never tell a CEO, "B.J., I just put a big chunk of our budget into word-of-mouth." If you did, all I would say is "good luck."

Yes, Trout is right when he states WOM isn't new, but who believes it is? Adopting "WOM" nomenclature is relatively new, the concept of using electronic as well as offline communication strategies to get people talking about your company or ideas isn't. Measureable results from WOM campaigns are readily available and campaigns can be controlled to a certain extent if your communications are concise, clear, honest and your marketing department knows what they are doing. Trout's recent article at includes several good points, but his conclusions are behind the curve. When implemented and measured properly, WOM is an effective, yet sensible, non-traditional marketing strategy in today's rapidly changing world. Everyone now has a "printing press" and there's no need to worry about a shortage of ink. TAGS: WOM, social networking, word of mouth, Forbes, eoecho

Mastering Word of Mouth Marketing – WOM Wednesdays

Interested in mastering the art of word of mouth marketing? The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) provides a weekly teleconference series on topics such as customer evangelists, ethical best practices, and viral marketing. You'll hear speakers like Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell, authors of "Creating [tag]Customer Evangelists[/tag]." Other participants include executives from WOMMA, GM, Edelman, Dell, and others. FYI: WOMMA is a relatively expensive association to join for the small and medium sized business, but we suggest you listen to a few teleconferences at the "non-member" price before joining. If all you do is listen to their teleconferences every now and then, you can still benefit from the knowledge offered by the association.

Blogs Merging With Websites – Imminent?

As pointed out by several marketing and communication bloggers during the past year, the trend of replacing “static” websites with "dynamic" blogs has begun. And one of the best-known ad agencies in the country is already on board. The move makes sense for several reasons, as we'll discuss below. But first, are blogs really replacing websites? The look and feel of blogs has changed significantly since their introduction. You'll notice static "web style” pages on almost every blog you visit. When taking a closer look, it becomes clear blogs are not, in essence, replacing websites. They are "merging" and the result is a full-functioning communication tool – a better mousetrap if you will. Whether you consider your blog a "tab" on your website or your website a "tab" on your blog – let's face it, aren’t they Continue reading

Ad Spending Trends

Business in Calgary – Marketing and Internet Strategies – Ad Spending Trends

Our friend has a nice post on ad spending trends, which includes a few charts from a report prepared by the research firm eMarketer.

Pay particular attention to the Internet spending trends. At eoecho, we are seeing significant increases in WOM related marketing budgets – Internet spending on blogs, social networking, podcasting, viral marketing, etc. Are you experiencing the same trends? Do you see these trends continuing?

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Why eoecho Is Switching to Autoresponders – Newsletter Overload

With the uncontrolled proliferation of email newsletters, marketing departments are experiencing dismal open and click-thru rates even though their produ Continue reading

The Noisy Tragedy Only Exists If You Don't Interact

Does Godin come up short in “The Noisy Tragedy of the Blog Commons” and forget to mention the value of the blog “community?”

With relative ease, you’ll find a number of blog posts concerning, “The Noisy Tragedy of the Blog Commons” – by author Seth Godin. Almost everything Godin talks about gets comments from his almost cult like followers. No doubt, Godin often has interesting points – and, yes, I too have read and enjoyed his books – but here we find he’s coming up short.

Stowe over at the SCOUT blog (Backbone Media) makes a good point on the value of “community” while discussing Godin’s points on the volume of “content.” I agree and you can read both his and my thoughts over at his place. Here’s the link, enjoy:

The Noisy Tragedy Only Exists If You Don’t Interact

PS: I’m trying to get the trackback to work so here it goes.

~ Don't Give Out Your Business Cards ~ A Strategy

People spend far too much time fussing over their business cards. One-sided or two, picture or no picture, what format, and the list goes on. The fact is most business cards are thrown away and you need a better strategy to get what you really want for your time – new clients.

Here’s a simple strategy to increase sales and maximize your networking ROI:

“JUST SAY NO” when someone asks for your business card.

Stay with me, I tested this strategy while conducting research for an article, “Business Networking Organizations – Should You Pay to Join?”

If you plan to join a networking group, like BNI for example, first prepare a marketing plan and budget. Your costs are far greater than the joining fee. Marketing strategies such as the one below will help you close more clients. Continue reading

Improve Search Engine Results – Customize Your 404 Error Page

Every “how to” article on improving your search engine results (SEO – search engine optimization) includes a recommendation to customize your 404 error page. For the non-technically inclined, that’s the page your readers see when a page can’t be found. Creating a customized 404 page was on my to do list – finally got it done.

My 404 error page now includes:

  • A great image that will make you smile (it’s clean)
  • An explanation of the 404 error for my visitors, and
  • A “live listing of my blog posts” (this wasn’t easy, but what a great feature).

When I have the time I’ll clean up the formating/design. If you would like more info concerning how I did it, leave a comment and I’ll be glad to provide the details.

PS: I also created a Site Map with a customized Google site search feature. Adding a site map is always a good idea and you’ll get more hits on your site.

Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts – Increase Traffic?

How to: Placing Adsense Strategically Between Posts: ProBlogger Blog Tips I'm not sure littering your blog with Google ads will do much for your traffic, but if you're going to do it try placing ads in only a few posts instead of all of them. A little thing called a loop counter in the index.php file does the trick for WordPress users. If you try this, leave a comment on this post and I'll visit your site, comment, and click on any relevant Google ads I encounter on your blog. I conduct a lot of research online and I often find ads relevant to my topic of interest. If you make a few bucks displaying the right ads – power to you. Thank Darren Rowse at ProBlogger for this one.

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