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Million Dollar Homepage – Believe it or not

The Million Dollar Homepage

This guy made a million off of this home page? Hard to believe advertisers are that stupid. Or are they? Give a lot of credit to the guy that came up with the idea for this page and did very well. Several others tried to copy the idea without much success. It pays to be first.

[I stand corrected by Malcolm, see his comment. He is an advertiser doing very well on this page. Thanks for setting the record straignt Malcolm!]


  1. You’re the stupid one. You seen the hits that site has got this week alone? 1.5 Million + last time I looked. I advertise there. Brings me 100 visitors a day, bozo. For five years. For $100. Get it right.

  2. Thanks for setting me straight Malcolm. I had no idea! I’m glad it works for you, and glad you set the record straight. Thanks again.

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