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Photo Essay: The Doors of Lower Manhattan

When Tara Met Blog

The doors of lower Manhattan, below 14th Street, are especially unique and filled with the area’s heritage and originality. Tara took these shots for her photojournalism grad class.

Now that’s a great idea!

Thank Tara for sharing her photos with us. Here’s a sample (see Tara’s blog – link above – for more great shots):

NY door photo


  1. Hey there, I’m really pleased that you liked my photo essay and the idea. I had a hell of time coming up with the topic and then just went with what I liked since I’m always looking at the different doors unintentionally. The photos of course looked better in the book that I handed into my professor though.

    All the best

  2. Tara,

    It is a great topic. I’ll bet you could create a book showing unique doors in different cities -travel the world and meet everyone that owns the door; probably get a gov’t grant to do it too!

    Thanks again, enjoyed the shots,

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