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Increase Your Sales With a Company Catalog

Increase Your Sales With a Company Catalog

I met with one of my clients this week to talk about his new business, which he is in the process of launching. We spent a few hours defining his “offering” after we discussed his target market.

It’s clear you need a simple, easy to understand message when meeting with your prospects, preparing your marketing materials, and gaining referrals from your colleagues and friends. Therefore, we built a document outlining “packages” of services he wants to offer his customers. A list of bullets describing each feature for each package is included. Subsequently, we listed all of the “benefits” his customers would gain from the services within each package.
The “features” require an action item on his part – for each action item there’s a cost (either time or money, or both). We estimated the cost for each feature and then built a financial model for each package.

The “benefits” are being used to create his marketing materials – benefits sell, the features don’t.

This process helps new business owners stay focused on what they’ll sell. Too many new businesses chase their tails until the money’s all gone. Clearly defining “packages” to offer helps you create an operational plan, marketing plan, and budget. Also, if you follow this simple process, your marketing materials will align well with your intended products or services.

Simple, but powerful exercise.

A few minutes ago, I ran across this article on Sales & Marketing. Great idea from, “Create a Catalog” for your business, no matter what the business. My client can easily build a catalog from his list of “packages” he’ll be offering.

Note to my clients: If you would like us to help you create a catalog for your business, give us a call and we’ll work up a proposal for you. We work with graphic designers, web developers, writers, and others that will save you time and money. No need for you to track down these services “a la carte” (we know where to get the best pricing for the services you’ll need. – Greg)


  1. Greg, great site you have here! Consolidating your ‘products’ or ‘services’ in a catalogue is a brilliant idea, even for ‘non product’ suppliers. Interestingly, it’s not dissimilar to what squidoo is all about – organizing your expertise neatly on a page.

    My own squidoo site is at

    Keep up the stellar work. I’m going to blogmark the site for future reference!

    Best Regards from Ireland,


  2. Thanks for the comment, Tom. Creating a catalog is a marketing strategy that forces you to think about your “product” as viewed by your potential customers. It also allows you to determine your “margins” for each product you offer.

    Few service industry folks realize they sell products; usually a solution to a particular problem. I’ve already started my own catalog and the process has forced me to consider the most profitable services I provide to my clients. It’s an eye opening experience.

    – Greg

  3. Exactly Greg. Everything is a ‘product’ of one sort or another. A customer service program, for example, could realistically broken down into several product suites; all which could be made more valuable if organized visually to make it easier for customers, clients or employees to understand. Amen.

    The process of cataloging will also bring clarity to the owners of the ‘product’ and will be helpful in focusing future efforts.

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