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Month: November 2005 (page 2 of 2)

What is strategic marketing verses just marketing?

Last week while attending a business luncheon I was asked, “What’s the difference between strategic marketing and just marketing?” The question was asked in a manner that suggested there’s no difference. Well, here’s a sample of marketing:

Within the past few days, I have been contacted by several small business owners on my Internet business networking site. They requested that I network with them through the online system. To do so you must provide a business email address. A few of the email addresses started with “info@” and “mail@” instead of a specific individuals name. Now, using “info@yourwebsite” is impersonal marketing.

Strategic marketing is getting personal. Continue reading

Got marketing savvy and tech skills? We need your help…

A client has asked me to help them find several business analysts for a project in Phoenix. We’re looking for talent knowledgeable in marketing campaigns, marketing surveys, marketing strategies, but also technology.

It is challenging to come up with the technology people that have the marketing savvy. It occurred to me that someone visiting my blog (someone like you?) might be skilled at developing business requirements for marketing systems. I would greatly appreciate any referrals or leads you can provide.

Unfortunately, you’ll be spending the cold, cold winter in the sunny and fabulous city of Phoenix, AZ. Yeah, the SPA capital of the world will be your backyard this winter! Post a comment or send an email to me.


The Global Salesblood Drive – a good idea

This post is for everyone in sales and marketing. It’s just flat out a good idea. The brian child of MaxPitch Media, Inc. located in Richmond, Virginia.

What began as a blog post about a positive “customer” experience giving blood for the first time in 20 years, grew quickly into a corporate charitable cause.

With your help and the help of others, November 28 – December 2, 2005 will serve as the week of the world’s first Global Sales Blood Drive.

Here’s how you can help; goto:

Branding at it's best – WSJ article you've got to read

Here’s an article published in the Wall Street Journal you’re going to enjoy. The link to the story is provided below.

If you have an online store or need promotional products for your business or association, please contact me. eoecho now provides a wide variety of promotional product choices to our customers.

You’ll get a chuckle – and sound branding advice – from this article:

A Lesson About Branding
From Mr. Happy Crack

From The Wall Street Journal Online

Dean Becker lives in Florida where, as he puts it, "there are no basements." But when his two children, ages 20 and 23, head for the beach to surf, they are often sporting boxers and T-shirts brandishing the logo of a St. Louis-based firm whose business is repairing cracks in basement foundations. That’s right, foundations.

"All the kids are wearing the clothing," says Mr. Becker, of the Palm Beach office of Chicago-based merchant bank Ocean Tomo. "It’s wild. We’d probably never need their services, but we’re just glad they sell the apparel."

[Here’s the link to the full WSJ article: Mr. Happy Crack ]

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