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Posted by Adam Katz:

Notoriously tight-lipped, venture capitalists have recently begun to open up through blogs (and even podcasts) that offer insightful commentary and witty observations on the venture capital industry and broader technology trends. The blogs featured here are from some of the industry’s preeminent investors and well-known observers. All of the blogs included in the TopTenSources are from actual venture capitalists.

Great WP Plugin – IImage Gallery | skriker

IImage Gallery | skriker

This is a great little WordPress plugin for displaying an “image gallery” in your posts.

Thanks skriker.

… : Practical News & Case Studies on Internet Advertising, Marketing & PR : Practical News & Case Studies on Internet Advertising, Marketing & PR

100 million consumers have downloaded the Firefox browser in the past year. If you market to a cutting-edge demographic, a third or more of your traffic could be from Firefox users.

eoecho is a Firefox user and so are most of our customers.

[FYI: Firefox is easy to download and install. It replaces Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and it’s FREE, much faster when browsing, includes a great tab function, etc. – we could go on and on about why we use it, but the most important aspect is the security enhancements it offers over Explorer.]

Mercedes-Benz – Entertainment – Mixed Tapes

Mercedes-Benz – Entertainment – Mixed Tape

Want free music? The MB site allows you to download “free” music for your IPOD or computer. You can play the music with Windows Media Player, etc.

It is unprotected music, free, and excellent music. Enjoy mixed tapes!

Welcome Squidoo users! Go to the link above and download your free music. Enjoy!

Hot Video Games_468x60

Holliday Happenings: Homemade Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, and Candy

Holliday Happenings: Homemade Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, and Candy

These are the best brownies in the world! They make excellent gifts for colleagues and clients. 

MBCA Forums – Congratulations go out to Regional Director Greg Magnus

Mercedes-Benz Club of America Forums – Congratulations go out to Regional Director Greg Magnus

Bill, thanks for the kind words!

As many of you know, I’m now the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for the Mercedes-Benz Club of America and a member of the National Board. I’ll be working with the club leaders from NY, NJ, DE, MD, DC and VA. Also, I’ll be serving the national newsletter committee and the club’s publication committee (The Star magazine).

If you would like additional information on the club or if you would like to join, please contact me anytime:

Mercedes-Benz Club of America
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
Central VA Newsletter Editor & Past-Pres.

Are you a Mercedes-Benz owner or are you interested in purchasing one in the near future? If so, we’re looking for you. The Mercedes-Benz Club is a national organization of MB enthusiasts that gather for events and social activities – talk about networking.

During 2005, members enjoyed the Polo Cup at Shirley Plantation, rallyes & picnics, technical sessions, and socialized at the Bull and Bear Club during our member meeting. But that’s not all the club offers! You also get the club’s award winning magazine (The Star), local newsletter, discounts on parts, and access to racing events – find out what your car can really do on the track (VA International Raceway and others).

Interested in joining? Send me an email and I’ll sponsor your membership or join online now – use my name and member number as your sponsor: M015613

Kevin Burton's Feed Blog: Angel Funding via Adsense

Kevin Burton’s Feed Blog: Angel Funding via Adsense

Here’s an idea you might want to consider if you seek Angel funding (start-up cash for a new business). Seeking funding is a time consuming and challenging process. I know. I knocked on many doors in the past myself. Kevin’s idea has legs.

Ping back tools for blogs

Blogs are excellent communication vehicles and they can be used for expressing your thoughts, demonstrating your expertise in a subject area, and for effectively sharing resources you discover on the Internet.

Are you setting up a blog? If so, you can use this site for testing your trackback function. There are a bunch of tools for checking your blog’s operation at Check it out at:


If you need help with a blog or website, let us know:

My CAN-I Thought Process!: Quit the world in Style

My CAN-I Thought Process!: Quit the world in Style

If you really want to leave this world in style, you'll be shopping here for your coffin. 

Shameless self-promotion…

Here’s a little shameless self-promotion:

This is just a quick note to let you know about our marketing and newsletter services. Here’s a link to a newsletter I sent out to a thousand or so marketing managers for a client this morning:

If you ever decide to use newsletter marketing, let me know. Also, if you know anyone that needs interior graphics drop me a line. We do a lot of interior graphics for displays, restaurants, offices, trade shows, etc. (additional details at:


The Star Garners Four “Oscars of the Auto Industry”

New York (Nov. 15) – The Star, the Mercedes-Benz Club of America magazine, has won four IAMA awards, considered to be the Oscars of the auto industry.

Announced today by the International Automotive Media Association at its annual awards presentation, the IAMA awards honor writers, publishers and media relations professionals in the automotive industry.

Walter Haessner, executive director of IAMA said, “The four awards won by The Star are extremely well deserved. Our judges agree that it’s unquestionably one of the best-written, best-produced car club publications out there. The Mercedes-Benz Club magazine rivals the major car books in content and photography as well as graphic design.”

David Cummings, executive director for the Mercedes-Benz Club said, “We are ecstatic to receive this recognition of excellence. For years, The Star has been a key part of what draws Mercedes-Benz owners to join the Club. In fact, while the benefits of MBCA membership are numerous, many members feel that just receiving The Star every other month makes our $45 annual dues a terrific value.”

Business-Networking Organizations – Should You Pay to Join?

Like most of us, you probably have business cards scattered about on your desk from seminars, events, trade shows, and other business functions. Churning through them to find qualified leads can be as daunting as finding a lost wedding ring at the dump. Enter “fee-based” business-networking organizations such as BNI (Business Networks Int’l) and numerous similar organizations.

For an upfront fee, networking organizations promise to provide what we really want, qualified referrals. But buyers beware; the membership and annual fee isn’t your only cost and the total marketing expenditure is far greater than most of us realize.

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