Greg Magnus is a seasoned publishing entrepreneur, business consultant, and marketing strategist with 18 years of experience. He currently serves as president of AIM Custom Media where he is accountable for developing results driven marketing campaigns for clients. He also trains business owners so he or she can master blogging, social networking and the Internet to achieve greater business success.

  • Diverse talents, advanced technical skills and project management expertise
  • Hands-on experience with a long list of small and mid-sized businesses
  • Fortune 500 companies served include: GE, Xerox, Marriott, Southern States, Capital One and Olin Corporation.

And that’s not all. His experience includes assisting clients through the due-diligence process for the acquisition of multi-million dollar publications as well as staff and manage the new division subsequent to the acquisition.

He filled more than 35 staff and management positions within 60-days for one client’s publishing operation while negotiating the purchase of new computer systems and office furniture. Concurrently, he demonstrated his multi-tasking skills and managed the development of sales, marketing, editorial, fulfillment, and customer service systems while training and managing the new hires.

As a result of the successful acquisition and implementation of management systems the company doubled the gross revenues from $4 million to $8 million.

Moving forward:

  • Hired by venture capitalists, he served as acting CEO of a Virginia Tech;
  • He has negotiated contracts with multi-billion dollar publishing companies;
  • Magnus has hired and managed marketing professionals, computer programmers, graphic designers, art directors, sales managers and publishers;
  • He is a volunteer business adviser for Richmond SCORE; and
  • He serves on national boards and commonly delivers board presentations.

He has served other clients: one as GM of an online publishing venture in the care-giving industry (Family Care America), another as an IT Communications Specialist (Capital One), and numerous others – Mr. Magnus is no stranger to diversity.

So it adds up to this: hands-on experience, hard worker, and high-integrity are the qualities you can count on. But why believe us – here’s what others are saying: Read Testimonials.

In closing, what he did yesterday is far less important than what he can do for you today. So, when the ball is in your court and you need a team player that can get the job done, contact us.

References are available upon request.

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